tips for bye-bye blankie?

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my little boy, Corbin, will be 4 in May 2010. He starts pre-k next August. Hes been attached to his blankie for 3 yrs now & i need to get him to start leaving it at home!!!


Jessica - posted on 02/06/2010




I have a daughter that started prek this year and the great thing about it is that they need a blankie at school for nap time. Believe it or not prek will probably be great to get him to feel less attached to it. He will be able to take it in on Monday morning and bring it home on Fridays. It will probably be much easier than you think. The teachers realize that at that age children still have security items and it will probably make his first few days or weeks at school much easier than it would if he didn't have it.

Kayla - posted on 02/05/2010




My son had the same problem. I just let him go to bed with it then cut off part of it every week till there was a little square left that he could put in his pocket and take everywhere. Now he doesn't even carry the little square around.

Erin - posted on 02/03/2010




my girls 4 and 6 still have there blankies, but they rarely take them out of our home. maybe he would let you cut a small patch from his blanky that he could keep in his pocket to rub and play with if he needs to. good luck

Alison - posted on 02/02/2010




August is SO far away. I would start talking to him in July, saying that blankies are not allowed at school because school is for big kids! However, if you sense he may benefit from the blankie during the transition to school, I would let him take it along. He is only 4!

When my daughter turned 3, I had been telling her that when it was her birthday, we would have cake and candles and sing happy b-day and it would be time to send her "suce" to Timbuktu for other babies. On her birthday, she put it in an envelope and we "sent" it to Timbuktu. Once they are old enough to understand and emotionally ready to give it up. It's a cinch!

Kelly - posted on 02/01/2010




My daughter is 7 and still attached to her blanket. She does not sleep without it but she does go to school without it. She is in 1st grade.


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thank you everyone, so much! the blanket honestly doesnt bother me, because i had one i slept with til i was about 7 (i still have it in storage, my great grandmother made it for me so i kept it!) everyone hassles him about it (especially men & his daddy) i am just going to let him use it as long as he feels needs to. i will wait until kindergarten then see if he will start leaving it at home. he leaves it in his backpack at mothers day out, so im sure itd be fine for him to bring it to pre-k. thanks again, everyone:)

Shaolin - posted on 02/01/2010




Good luck with that, its simply something they have to grow out of. My sister was 13 before she gave the blankie up. And My friend's son is eight and has given the blanket up but has found a different alternative. His tag on his tee shirt. That he carries around like a blankie. and just when you think he put it down for a while, he is wearing it under his clothes. Its just something that he has to grow out of. Or do it like the pacifier. If they can't find it they can't use it.

Emilie - posted on 02/01/2010




My mom used to work at a pre-school. some of the kids there still had security blankets or stuffed animals or pacifiers that they were attached to. When they were there playing with the other kids most of the time they didn't even think about the blankie or teddy or pacifier, they had hooks they put there backpacks on, some times the kids would go get there teddy out and hug it for a few seconds then they would be fine. I am sure the teacher wouldn't mind him leaving the blankie in his backpack, after a few weeks he will probably be fine with leaving it at home.

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