My 23 Month Old Doesn't Understand Me...among other things...

Katie - posted on 10/26/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am feeling very overwhelmed, stuck, confused, sad, name it I'm feeling it lately...

My son is about to be 23 months old on November 7. He's a wonderful kid, usually easy going and happy most of the time. He has no words yet though. He makes sounds mostly with his mouth closed. He does babble a little bit such as "nanana" or "bababa" but they don't seem to mean anything in particular. He also does not follow any directions, and from what I can tell only can recognize a few words of what we say such as breakfast/lunch/dinner, bath time, moon, airplane, and bubbles. He had his hearing checked and everything came back fine. He is in speech but so far nothing has improved. He also doesn't play with his toys correctly or meaningfully. He is doing better at mimicking us such as when we show him to feed his teddy bear or put a phone to his ear, etc. but I don't think he really "gets" it. He loves to play with cars both to watch the spinning wheels but he also is driving them around more and more. He has been tested for autism and that came back negative, but they said he is functioning at about an 8 month old level. It is so frustrating because no one can tell me why. He had a seizure last Feb. at 14 months of age. He did not have a fever at the time but he did have the flu and hadn't eaten for a few days. He has a neurologist and has had several EEGs done. Most were normal and a couple had some abnormalities but the neurologist said there weren't enough to call it something. We are currently seeing a geneticist but nothing has come back from there yet either.

I just feel so sad for him. I want him to be able to be normal someday but I feel so lost and helpless not knowing what it is or what I can do to help him. I think about his future a lot and wonder what it will be like for him. It rips me apart. I also am scared to have any more kids because who knows if that child will have similar struggles. I haven't been able to find anyone who can relate to me and I haven't found anyone who can give me any sort of answers.

If anyone can offer any sort of advice or support it would be GREATLY appreciated. Sorry if the post seems scattered...that's just how I feel about all this....

Thanks for reading!


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Caroline - posted on 07/06/2012




My daughter was born 9 weeks premmie, weighed 3 pounds & 11 ounces, stayed in hospital 4 weeks, she had many challenges. She was not able to walk un-assisted, she needed support to sit up, drooled constantly, developmentally delayed, frequent body tremors, some seizure like episodes, kind of in a daze all the time, clenched left hand, choking on her food, speach problems and she was taught sign language, left side weakness, muscle spasms etc. She was elevated on her toes when holding her to walk, she was splinted for a leg brace & they wanted to give her botox, but after researching botox and discovering how it’s made and there were no long term studies I decided against it. Her life was restricted & so was mine ...and it looked this way for the rest of her life ... & mine. I felt hopeless.

We were attending all sorts of treatments and therapies which cost a lot. A friend told me about some special wellness supplements from a particular company, she started taking them in her yogurt, after one week she was up walking un-assisted, it made an immense difference to her brain function, memory, balance, mood & cognition in a short space of time. She began to thrive. I was elated!

I am so grateful to the person that told me about this incredible technology. She now has a life now ….. and so do I. It’s now over 14 yrs later and she continues to take these special nutrients, she has attended normal public schools, she is almost 16, in a few weeks she begins driving lessons and has just started an after school casual job in a fast paced food takeaway. Now she is taller than me.

Marsha - posted on 10/28/2011





Trust me you are not alone! I know how frustrating, scared and discouraged you must feel not know why he's not forming words or how this will impact his future. My daughter has a very rare genetic condition and her future at times seems very grim. But I've learned that all babies develop differently and at different rates and with the speech therapy hopefully one day he will surprise you and just start talking! I've just recently enrolled my daughter into speech therapy, she's 19 months old. She says a lot of different words but she has a difficult time answering any questions or telling me what she needs. I anticipate this with her genetic disorder but it's frustrating regardless! Please remember that anything is possible and that your sonds future (just like my daughter's future) has not been written in stone yet! We can and must continue to support and teach our children and love them no matter what. If we can do that.. then everything will work out.

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