Ok Moms - I need so help - lots of it!

Amanda - posted on 07/21/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




I have a three year old little girl that my doctor suggested I put into preschool. She has speech delay, a slight delay in motor function, sensory problems, and tactile defensiveness. I have to potty train her before school starts, and she just will not do it! I know that she gets the how it is just getting her to want, but with the tactile it can get hard because if she gets mad or feels out of her confront zone I have to calm her down before we can try again. I have tried all the things that other moms have told me to do, potty videos, underwear instead of pull ups, and no underwear or diaper at all. I thought about talking to her teacher letting her know that we are working on it but it might take a little more time, but she really likes to mimic her brothers in everything they do except the potty so I feel like if she see other girls her age going potty she will want to go too. Any advice please throw it my way - I will take all I can get! I am not the end my rope on this one and I do not know what else to do!


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Hazel - posted on 12/23/2010




Have you talked to an Occupation or Physical Therapist about ideas to lower the tactile defensiveness? With sensory integration disorder, which it sounds like your daughter might have, children are either super sensitive to touch or have low sensitivity to touch. If she isn't seeing an OT already, there are multiple therapies she will receive to help lower the defensiveness. This will help with the feeling of being out of control as well. Some therapies are brushing her skin with a scrub brush which surgeons use to wash and scrub before surgery. The brush has soft bristles. Joint compression, rocking swinging, etc. are also other therapies which help children organize the input they are receiving from their senses.

Belinda - posted on 11/21/2010




I am in Australia,
my eldest son is 5 and half, and only became toilet trained 6mths ago.
I kept him out of kindergarten (which isnt compulsary here) in the hope we could train him. Thankfully, with the GDD label, he was able to get an aid for preprimary this year. He is not trained at night yet, but being day trained is a HUGE victory!

My 4y/o has GDD too, and only became trained this year too.
they cant deny a place for your child...especially public schools...private schools can over things like this (my eldest was denied from a private school due to TT'ing)
Good luck

Shelley - posted on 10/05/2010




My child 3.5 is very simular to yours he is in a specialized preschool program that alows for diapers & pullup (they change them) bt they are also going to work side by side with me to work on the potty training infact my dh & I are attending a class at the school near the end of the month so that we are all doing things the same way & are on the same page. I am hoping for great things if I find out some clever tips I will come back & share with you.

Sheryl - posted on 09/11/2010




my child had a hard time also too. but i talk to the school and they said ok then next thing you know about half way into the school year he was finaly potty train.

Cherish - posted on 08/05/2010




Are you in the US?
If so,and she gets services through child find(early intervention)
than they cant tell you she HAS to be potty trained.
My daughter who is 9 now has speech delay and has sensory as well.
She didn ot want to be trained until she was close to 4.
I don't mind diapers and it was not worth the battle,I figured when she is ready she will do it.
Most parents of older kids know that the more you trip about it,the more they refuse.
My son who is 8 is still not potty trained(tho he has severe autism,hypotonia,non-verbal...etc)
Three is really not that old,it is ok if she is not ready.

Corey Rhodes - posted on 08/04/2010




My 2 1/2 yr old daughter will start preschool at 3 and she is severely delayed, due to medical issues, and still is not out of diapers and may never be out of them only time will tell. If your child has a delay and the dr's have noted it and is in pt, ot, speech then the school/ daycare/ preschool can not turn her away due to not being potty trained. It is a law. Talk to the school and your dr about it, they shouldn't deny her. If they do you should fight it. No child with delays of any kind can be denied.

Heather - posted on 07/27/2010




I would talk to the preschool she is going to and see what they say. I think they will have to work with her by law, but maybe you should try having her change her own pullups and that way the teachers dont have to do it. Just a thought, hope it all works out for you

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