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Children with a Dermoid Cyst

This Community is for anyone with a Child who has a Dermoid Cyst.


Dermoid eye cyst

My daughter was born with a Dermoid Cyst on her left Eye with no explanation or cause for it. I suffered Hypertension & Edima during my Pregnancy & she was born 10 days after...



I was wondering if anyone had any Updates or Progress they'd like to share with the rest of the community? My Update: After a recent Dr's appointment I've been advised that my...


Surgery Facts

Here are a few facts I have obtained from someone who has had their dermoid cyst removed: • Surgery is done under Anaesthesia • A Patch is put over the eye after surgery &...


Dermoid Cyst in the eye socket

My daughter is 13 now, but when she was 12 she began to complain heavily that her left eye felt like it was being "pushed in". When we made it to the eye doctor he said that...