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Possible Pyloric Stenosis...Please Read!

Tiphani - posted on 07/01/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 3 month old had an ultrasound and Upper GI done this morning. Radiologist said his pyloric muscle looks larger than normal on the ultrasound but on the Upper GI Xray, the barium was passing through just fine. He said he was going to study it some more, more closely later on today. It probably won't be until Monday when his DR calls with the results. What does it mean when the Pyloric muscle looks larger but everything passes though on x-ray? Will he most likely need surgery? I am a nervous wreck right now!!!!!!!

The only symptoms he has is spitting up and projectile vomiting every feeding and between feedings. We have tried alot of different formulas and nothing is working!


Amy - posted on 07/26/2011




Being in the medical field this is an increasingly common problem. However, being a mom I understand how terrifying this can be. Pyloric stenosis is fixed by a simple surgery where they go in probably around his belly button and they open the muscle around the pyloric valve which is keeping his formula from being able to go down and stay down. They can usually go home in a day or two and I assure you he will feel like a new baby. Having said that, as a mom I recently went through the same thing with my son. He was not eating starting to vomit and SCREAMED all day long and never slept. We finally took him to a childrens hospital ER in the middle of the night one night. A pediatric gastroenterologist found that he has severe acid reflux which burnt his throat and a severe protein allergy which meant that he could not eat any formula you can buy at any store (we had tried 7 different formulas by this time). They put him on a very special formula and adult reflux medication daily. While at the hospital though they were convinced that he had pyloric stenosis or a serious heart problem, but after they ran many many tests they found out that he did not have either of those problems. Pyloric stenosis is most common in first born males. If it is pyloric stenosis that he has I know you will be scared because something is wrong with him but just be comforted in the fact that they know exactly what is wrong and can go in and fix it with a simple (to them) procedure. He will be a new baby when you get him home. They had to put my son to sleep to do one of the tests they did and I assure you it is scary when they put them under anesthesia but he will be better than new! Please update me on what happens

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