Does Adderall for ADHD make Children Angry?

Rajeana - posted on 11/18/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a single mom who had my son very young (15) and I am now 23 so he is 7. He has been having issues in social settings since he was about 4 and I didnt know why. He has alway been very touchy feely, likes to be in your face, talk over you, tell you what right and wrong,. cant stay still, getting frustrated, blurting out, and the biggest one.. Not listening.

I monitored him for some years and watched the pattern go from school to school and it made me very frustrated because I thought that he was doing this on purpose. He repeated kindergarten because they were never able to evaluate his academic level clearly because of his behavior which was fine with me (rather do it at a young age then when he gets older be embarrassed).So this year he has a new teacher for 1st grade and I love her!

She examined Mathias and saw that he wanted to do right but it seemed that he just couldnt do it no matter what he tried so she told me to take him to the dr.When I did they diagnosed him with ADHD (combined) on our second visit and now he is taking adderall for the behavior.

So far he is doing great! Focusing, and being able to concentrate has become a norm for him and Im so happy to see that. But at the same time he is getting angry at little things like:

1. Someone touching his things
2. Someone laughing at him
3. When he cant complete a task when the time is up

I am wanting to know if Adderall has had the affect of making children more upset, aggravated, irritated, or angry?


Iva - posted on 02/28/2012




We had similar results with Adderall. At first it was great but eventually we had to raise the dose and then my daughter started having anger issues, argumentative, kicking, hitting, not her usual behavior at all. At first they started to think she was developing odd(oppositional defiance disorder) then we decided to try changing her medication since I pointed out that it definitely started at the same time as the higher dose.

The behavior stopped. It doesn't effect all kids this way just some. Every person has different reactions to the many different medications. It can be hard and frustrating but keep working with your pediatrician and teacher. The right medicine can truly be life changing in a good way!

Krista - posted on 03/13/2012




My daughter is 9 and takes Adderall also. She sounds a lot like your son only that is how she was BEFORE taking this medication. She actually didn't take it yesterday because she was sick and I was reminded again of these behaviors. I can't help but think though, that these sounds like they could be something other than anger. The first paragraph and #1 and #2 sound like my daughter. I am trying to figure out how to say this delicately because I am by no means trying to diagnose your child. However, they also thought my daughter had ODD with her ADHD (Diagnosed Nov. 2010) But in Feb 2011 she was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified. This is an Autism Spectrum Disorder and these kiddos have trouble with social skills. This is what I see when I read the first paragraph and #1 and 2. I know when most people hear autism, they think the worst. I literally had my daughters speech teacher respond with "no she doesn't" (complete disbelief) when I told her that my daughter was diagnosed.

I do know that this is what I know, so this is what I see.

I guess the point I am trying to make is just because you have a diagnosis, don't give up if you still see behaviors. You are the best advocate for your child and you know him best. I wish you luck! Hope this helps.


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