Drowning in bad behavior and confusion.

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My 8 yr old has many different issues and I'm not sure about any of it.
1. He just doesn't work with school. He has thrown tantrums, destroyed his supplies, his desk, thrown rocks at cars, stuff at other kids, back-talked the teacher, refused to do work, and is continually isolated in office or walled desks or halls, gets bad reports BUT can memorize his entire spelling list, read a chapter book, complete a page of math flawlessly. He is extremely smart but has meltdowns about things he did perfectly the previous day.
2. He lies. He lies about tiny things. When confronted about his behavior, we are guaranteed 30 min of blank faced, no comment, maybe mumbling, seemingly no remorse most of the time.
3. We discovered he has been throwing away his lunch for at least two months. And now he has been sneaking snack food into his room. Caught once mid sneak and today I found one under his pillow. He's very thin and we do not deny him food unless he's refused to finish a recent meal. Food has always been an issue, even fun stuff like hamburgers, fruit etc, can cause him to sit at the table for hours, pushing it around and not responding to any coaxing etc.
***Honestly it's the inability to get through to him, to change anything, or see remorse that I find the hardest. I don't trust him at all :(


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Wanda - posted on 09/25/2012




hi my 8 year old son is the same, im taking him to the doctors today!!!!!!! he sneak food yet will not eat meals. (i feel like people will feel i do not feed him as he is skinny to, he also went to the shop and stole sweets, he break objects for no reason, and he open all my xmas gifts this morning that i now need to replace, and he just looks up with a blank face and tell me he don't know why he did it. he is forgetful but he is so smart, and school seem to think he is just very out going and one of the lads. so much more, it would take all day! he also talks and sings to himself alot. if any one can talk to me, i would me so greatful.

Gayle - posted on 09/14/2012




my 8 year old is much the same. is your son on medication ? all the things you mentioned my son does but he is fine at school as he takes his medication but its worn off by the time he comes home. i dont know how to disapline him he just laughs and runs away so i have to chase him. am at the end of my tether. i have a daughter he punchs her and his horrible to her. but now she is copying his behaviour. hope things get better for you x

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