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Helen - posted on 01/11/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband and i have decided to separate for a trial, because the atmosphere in the house is unbearable, we have just stopped communicating, i moan at him for not being an interactive father, we have 3 boys aged 18 16 and 11. he says what ever he does around the house (which believe me is zero) is never enough. our 11yr old has ADHD and his behaviour at school is getting worse everyday, he has 2 TA's full time and has a statement, I have a servilely bad back, (not just aches and pains i mean full on back probs, i've had 2 back op's in the last 18months and take a heavy dose of strong pain killers just to be able to get up in the morning) my husband has never really showed me any emotion through this and doesn't seem to understand i still worry like crazy about the little one. is anyone going through anything similar? get in touch, i would love some advice.


Chantal - posted on 01/23/2012




Hi Helen, I'am sorry for your pain and what you are going through!I understand what you are going through as I have similiar story. I have 4 children and My husband left me 3 yrs ago..I also at that time had my home in foreclosure and had to have surgery they told me I might have cancer. It was a lonely hard time. I almost ended up homeless, but my church stepped in and helped with a apartment. I had back surgery yrs ago but I also had a very bad case of fibromyalgia. My son who had sensory issues along with ADHD/Odd was really falling apart at the time.I did all sorts of things for my son, I put him in outpatient care at a hospital and took him to a psyc. O f course they told me the usual medicate him. I did. BUT everything I tried had bad effects on him. Intunitive gave hem heart hurts, concerta ticks straterra did nothing. I then had him on vyvanse..last year I talked with a friend who took her son to a biomedical doctor. Someone who got help for her autistic son. So I got a scholarship and took my son....LIFE changing event!!!!!IHe told me which I was reading about that its not a mental disease its a physical problem. Has a lot to do with problems with the gastointestinal. Our gut is so related to how our brains work. He did some blood work and I found out he had 12 major food intolerances to food. wheat,milk, tomatoes,soy,chocolate etc....Also his thyroid was way high from the vyvanse so I took him off. He is med free. I took him off all these foods and it made a big difference. he was even getting lacerations on his face and bumps on his arms which the conventional doctor told me was from the dry heat in my home..No he was wrong, cause its all gone now on my son. lots of children's brains are starving from nutrition. I have him on a high dose of probobiotics, vit D,C B12, fish oil.... He still is getting treatment but the school environment is so difficult for him. He can do the work but emotionaly its straining him, so I am looking into alternate education...Oh also I went gluten, milk and sugar free and much of my fibro is gone. I'am careful what I eat and it has changed my life. I have more energy and I only take 1 pill at night to sleep with so I cut my meds down...My quality of life is so much better....I hope my story encourages you and if you have any questions please ask... please watch also that will help please watch this on utube. the book "changing the course of autism" by a doctor...very helpful also by Dr jaquelyn McCandless Md "children with starving brains" also "Breaking the vicious cycle" by elaine Gottshall..these are excellent books that I ordered through library with loads of info...I Care and hope things turn around for you...

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