Can she still out grow it?

Jennifer - posted on 05/17/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




My youngest (out of 4) is just 7 months. She has been hospitalized 4 times since birth, with only the first time being something other than respiratory (it was for jaundice). The last time she was in the hosp, her ped diagnosed her with reactive airway disease. My oldest was diagnosed with that when he was around 10 months, but only had a few minor episodes that he had to take breathing treatments for (no hospital stays), and out grew it by the age of 2. My little girl's issues seem to be totally different. She has had a croupy cough so many times this year, that I've lost count and started getting it at 3 months, when the doc told me it is uncommon for a child to have croup before the age of 6 months. When the doc diagnosed the RAD, she perscribed pulmicort and said that she only wanted my baby on it til the weather started getting nice (around the 2nd week in May), and then we could stop the treatments until about Oct when flu season started getting strong again. The week before last, my angel started with a croupy cough. It wasn't as bad as the other times, but it just didn't go away. I took her last Fri to the ped, because I wasn't sure about stopping the pulmicort with her haveing a croupy cough. When the doc listened to her, she could hear some wheezing. So, she said we weren't going to stop the pulmicort at all, and I had to add Albuterol treatments until the cough gets better. Here it is 5 days after starting the Albuterol, and the cough is no better. I take my daughter back to the ped for a re-check this afternoon, and am pretty sure she is still going to hear some faint wheezing. I'm just so scared that since everything has been so much worse for my daughter, that she isn't going to out grow this. Does she even have a chance, when she is wheezing while on pulmicort, has a croupy cough, and all last week it was 80+ degrees outside?


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No offense, but you never truely OUTGROW asthma, your symptoms(or your child's) may go 'away' for years and come back even WORSE when they get older. The outgrow it thing is a total MYTH. My Mother has SEVERE allergy-induced asthma(diagnosed at age 9, she's 62 now) and my son has intrinsic asthma, which means he only gets flares when he gets a cold or the weather changes suddenly(either hot OR cold). His ONLY symptom is a cough, although the dr and school nurse have detected wheezing with a stethascope, no adulible wheeze. He gets albuterol every 4 hours as needed for cough and pulmicort when he's congested, and that gets added in the neb WITH the albuterol. He was on Singulair, but it made him totally crazy and didn't help at all, so he's been off it for over a year and is doing MUCH better now.
Good luck with your baby's asthma, i know it's hard to see them suffering so young.
PS My son's only allergy is amoxycillin, so he avoids that. You may want to get your daughter tested for allergies to figure out what her triggers are so you can avoid them as much as possible.


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Susan - posted on 07/12/2011




Hi Jennifer, I am an adult asthmatic. I had episodes when I was young but grew out of them. It came back full blown in my late thirties.I have now had it for over 15 years so I been doing alot of study on it.

First what kind of house cleaners do you use? If they are clorox, lysol, pinesol. etc get rid of them. Asthmatics react very badly to the chemicals..I can walk into a room and immediately tell what has been used. Start cleaning with natural cleaners...vinegar,beking soda, or some of the natural cleaners out there. Shaklee has a great line that is really cost effective. I can tell you where to get these if you are interested.

Secondly, alot of kids with asthma have compromised immune systems. Approximately 80% of the immune system is found in the gut. If you are nursing and have had alot of antibiotics,steriods or birthcontrol pills then your daughter may not have gotten the good bacteria (which is the colostum) supplement it with live culture yogurt.
Albuterol and some of the other drugs used for treating asthma actual suppress the good bacteria and make the situation worse long term even tho it helps in the short term so by giving her yobaby or a organic yogurt will help that issue.
During the height of my asthma issue I got pregnant ended up in ICU and was put on prendisone during my pregnancy...i was very scared my daughter would have my asthma problems. I started her on plain yogurt as soon as I could and see has only ever had one ear infection and no asthma.

I can explain more of the dynamics about what I have learned about asthma in a seperate message if that will help you. I hate to see anyone go thru what I have especially a child.
Good luck

Jennifer - posted on 05/18/2011




Thanks ladies. At the appt yesterday, the doc didn't hear any wheezing and her O2 was 95%, but it also had only been 3.5 hrs since the last albuterol treatment. The doc is going on vacation starting today, so she wrote me a prescription for orapred and told me to use it if I think my baby (Shelby) starts to get worse. She did wake up last night sounding a little worse, so I think I'm going to go fill it and see how she does the rest of the day, before giving it.

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asthma (which is what RAD means) isn't always weather related. Your baby seems to have some type of lung problem that may require longer-term treatment. But many babies with asthma outgrow it - often by age 8. My daughter was diagnosed at 9 months, started albuterol nebulizer treatments and added steroid inhaler treatments at age 18 months. By age 4 her lungs had developed significantly and she stopped all treatments. So don't give up but do take this seriously. good luck.

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I asthma was very bad and I had really bad coughs like you described I spend a lot of time in hospital as a child. I rarely have problems now. I think as you become an adult you learn to cope better and learn how to manage and avoid ashtma attacks. I never thought it'd get better but it has their is hope for your daughter.

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