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Billie Jo - posted on 10/10/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




my son carl is having the 2nd surgry on the 27th of this month. he will be having the plate done this time around. anything that i should ask the dr when he goes for the pre op.

2nd when my sone eats anything it get stuck like teething cookies or it comes threw his nose any advis to help feed him..

thank you all so much dont know what i would do with out this site its amazing to find other parents going threw the same thing or who have already gone threw it...

billie jo


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Sylvia - posted on 11/13/2009




After surgury Snacks... Tripp eats can mandarin oranges, fresh ripe bananas, and plain yogart (he doesn't really like the fruit flavored kind). We also use a lot of instant oatmeal (low sugar apple cinn. and banana bread flavors). Still comes through his nose at times. just have to watch. We used a bubble nose suction tube to help clean out his nose. Also q-tips help some so you don't have to wipe the nose so much. Hope all went well for your sugery.


Shana - posted on 10/10/2009




My son has his palate surgery on the 4th of november and we just went to his pre op appointment last week.

A few things i made sure to ask was the snacking foods after the surgery, if they would recommend continueing the bottle, or start the transition to the sippy cup, if there was a possible decrease in weight i should know about, and also anything different i would have to do in his everyday life while he is healing.

I did get informed that it will be best to try to avoid water in the ears, not because it will harm the healing prcoess at all, but because it will feel extremly weird to the child, and they also mentioned that the solid foods should be made really runny at first, almost a soup, to begin the habit of suckingthe food to the throat.

As for the snacking problem, I had that same problem, and you just have to keep trying the snack foods. We would take the gerber puffs, the disolvable ones, and cut them in half at first, and hive him one at a time, that way its easier and faster to dissolve, and eventually they divelope the habit of moving the snack to the back of the throat.

Good Luck! And I Hope You Childs' Surgery Goes Great!

Denise - posted on 10/10/2009




With the surgery I am sure you have asked every question and the Dr. has told you everything just mentally prepare yourself for it to be a long night for the night of his surgery and the next few nights. With the feeding I used a syringe to feed him but the food coming out of his nose won't be fixed until they repair his gum line which will happen around 6 or 7. I know with my son anything that is kind of liquidy that he eats comes out his nose and he will be 3 in January. I hope this helps and good luck with his surgery we will be thinking of him!

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