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My daughter has a bilateral cleft lip and a unilateral cleft in her hard pallet. She has been trying to cut teeth through what I call her gumball, the small piece of gum tissue formed by her cleft. The problem we are having is that the tissues is so much thicker there than in the rest of her mouth, she has four teeth trying to come in there, there is really not enough room, and they are coming in all directions. I know they will fix them when she gets all her top teeth in. The problem I am having is that it is causing her so much pain, but teething tablets and orajel are not helping her with the pain. Does anyone have a suggestion of something I can do to make her more comfortable.


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Sylvia - posted on 10/22/2009




We did the wash cloth for Tripp. He's will be 3 in December and still chews on the tag on his blanket for comfort.

Shana - posted on 10/10/2009




My son had the SAME problem!

And My grandmother actually found the "cure"

A Long Stick Of THICK Celery Frozen.

He LOVED it and the cold gave a relief because they could chew on it endlessly and it never got thaw, or messy!

Let me know how it works! Best of luck!

Denise - posted on 10/10/2009




This is a temprary fix but my kids loved it when I would wet a wash cloth and then freeze it and they would just chew on it like crazy until the Tylenol would kick in.

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