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Children with Downs Syndrome

A forum for moms with a child or children with Downs Syndrome. Please post your ideas, concerns, successes and failures.



My grandson is a joy. He has been sick twice and has fallen behind physically. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I am concerned about his longterm ability to "catch...



Wandering if there are any moms out there whose child has "Graves Disease" ? My Laken is 5 and was just diagnosed. Lots of questions.


our special children

A meeting was held quite far from earth, "It's time again for another birth." Said the Angels to the Lord above, "This special child will need much love." Her progress may...


HI - I've started a new DS blog

Hi I'm Jen and I have twins. One has Down Syndrome. I've started a blog about our journey... please feel free to stop by. Comments, questions, critiques welcome. Thanks....


Advice Please

I'm a mom w/5 "typical" kids (well, 1w/ADHD). I'd love to have one more baby, but DH and I are getting older and our risk of DS or other birth defects is pretty high. I would...


on the amneo??

I got a call back saying that I have a 1 in 60 from my quad marker test.. I go in Monday for an amneo (or how ever its spelled) any advise for how this test is going to feel??...


Any ideas?

I am not a mother of a child with ds but one of my best friends just had a boy on August 20 who has ds. Would appreaciate any advice that I can pass on to her. This is her 2nd...


Downs and Leukemia

My 10 month old Downs Syndrome son has just been diagnosed with AML Leukemia. Can anyone offer me any info as to what I might be heading into? He will be in the hospital for...


New to the Group!

Just wanted to say hi, my name is Leann and I have precious little 8yr old girl with DS, Hannah Lyndsey White, we didn't expect a thing, was medflighted out at birth to more...


Intro :-)

Hi - i'm new to this board so I wanted to introduce myself! My son is 5 months old and is a little ball of energy! We got his diagnosis at birth, though a chromosomal...