Children with Noonan Syndrome (NS)

This group has been set up as a social and support group for anyone who has a child with Noonan Syndrome


Child with Noonan and NF ?

Curious if anyone that has a child with Noonan has Neurofibromatosis also. My daughter is 6 and has both. The Genetics doctor said alot of kids With the NF have the Noonan's...


can anyone help me

my baby has noonan syndrome. he has no other defects, as the health professionals call it, its just features. is there any one out there that can tell me what to expect??...



Welcome to any and all members, new or existing. I encourage you all to feel free to ask any questions, no matter how big or insignificant you think they may be. The youngest...



Hi, I was actually suprised to find a group for people with NS kids. From what I have seen it is fairly rare. My son is about to turn 2 right before the new year and was...