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Charlene - posted on 08/17/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi...I'm glad to find this 'community'. I've found christian ones & Army ones but was trying to find one with both and here it is! ☺
My hubby has been working with the recruiter to get enlisted and after this, that & the other thing being left out or forgotten they told him this afternoon that he should be headed to MEPS next week. We are excited and nervous about the changes we will be coming to but feel that the Lord has lead us thus far and as long as we rely on Him, He will continue to take care of us.
About me, I'm Charlene....32 & so is my hubby & we've got 4 children (11-g, 7-g, 3-b & 1-g) and our anniversary is tomorrow, we'll be married for 9 years! There are no bases for full time active Army in our state so we know that we will eventually have to move away and we are kind of looking forward to it. We haven't really told our family/friends about our plans as when we told his parents they REALLY frowned on his signing up, like basically said he's too old, what's he thinking he has young kids, did he actually tell me what his plans are and on and on....it was really hard. So we decided that once he's gone through MEPS and has the exact date for basic then we'll tell everyone this IS what we're doing and they can accept it or not but it's not up for discussion.
We've been through a lot in our relationship and we both feel this is a good move for us. Hopefully I'll be able to get advice and learn some things from you other Army wives out there. ☺


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Hi Charlene! It's so nice to meet you. I'm so glad that I found this chat as well. My fiance' is stationed in Iraq at the moment. Wow, talk about a new type of relationship for me, LoL! Congratulations on your anniversary. I agree with Catrina in that really the best thing is encouragement and prayer. I've been doing this for a while and I wont say that them leaving gets any easier, but we get through one day at a time. I get to talk to Seth almost everyday. I don't like that Seth is in the army, but I will always support him regardless of his decisions. I know that he seeks Gods council and that is enough for me. I'm so glad to meet you all and look forward to getting to know you.

Catrina - posted on 08/31/2009




Yes, I had talked to some other women that were Christians and Army wives and they have been looking for a community for Christian Army wives. So I decided to create this community because I wanted to meet other Christian Army spouses. We as not only Army wives but more importantly, Christians, need eachother and need to stick together!! I feel it is of much importance in my life to have other women that love Christ like I do. Also, having friends that are Army wives helps because they might go through some of the same things or run into some of the same problems as myself with the Army. So welcome Charlene and everyone else to my community!! Thank you for joining and God bless you all!!

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