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My name is Misty I have two daughters 5 and 2. My oldest is in head start right now and we are considering homeschooling her next year. A lot of my friends from church plan on homeschooling-but I am the first to have a child old enough. Does anyone use on line public school? I have checked out public school online (cost is a problem) and thought I could add my own bible base to that. Just wondered if anyone else used this approach or had other suggestions.



Cheryl - posted on 10/27/2009




Yes, I would skip that, the DVD, and the satilite courses- it's just kindergarten!!!

Have you read Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Homeschool Picks. She evaluates 100 homeschool cirriculums but most importantly: she has two surveys to take. One for you on your teaching style and one for your child on her learning style (or apparent one since she's so young). Then you check the chart and it gives you some ideas on what would fit for you... it might be Charlotte Mason....it might not. I love the idea of Charlotte Mason but it does not fit my teaching style nor my two older children's learning styles.

I would also recommend Ruth Beechick or Cynthia Tobias "They Way They Learn" to get some ideas of how to teach and how the brain learns. Also, it's probably at your local library, there is a Core Knowledge series for K-6th grade that lists EVERYTHING your child needs to learn that year. Alot of my homeschool mom friends use that book and read portions right from there to teach, then buy a few workbooks and you're set for K!

Online schools (like k12.com) are usually not Bible based and will not qualify for homeschool status if you want to join Home School Legal Defense (HSLDA). An important factor for some families. You can check out their webpage for legal requirements in your state.


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Shelly - posted on 12/01/2009




We use an online public school program and I think it works out really well for us. We have a 6th grader, a 4th grader (she did 2 years of schoolwork in 1st/2nd grade), and a Kindergarten in the program.) We add to the curriculum with a Bible study each morning, and we discuss any "issues" we might have with the public school books and curriculum as they come up. We also try to stay connected with other home-school groups either with co-ops, or small groups. I am real happy with our school district and how they have everything all set up. It's a good match for us. While we still have to be good managers of our time, we have the freedom and flexibility that most home-schoolers enjoy. We get to set our own schedule, do things at our own pace, and can even take field trips or days off whenever we like. We have access to teachers for additional help, and can always call, email, or visit for additional support. Our school doesn't charge anything for their online program, there is just a book fee, and you can even rent a laptop if you don't have a computer. The cost is one advantage for us.;

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Honestly, I played around with the idea of the online public shcool, but they follow the same standards as the public school.. if you are trying to give your child a better education than what the public school system can offer then I would suggest staying away from the public online system!

Andrea - posted on 10/22/2009




Hi Misty,

If cost is going to be a problem, I would wait. Really, Kindergarten is just a beginning! That year you will both be getting your feet wet. You will be establishing a routine, and she will be seeing school can be fun! Don't overwhelm yourself with online schools, full curriculum packages, etc. Take it easy this first year and get into a rhythm that you can adjust in the coming years. If you feel the need, purchase of of those "Jump Start" computer programs and limit her to 30 minutes a day. They are under ten dollars and are a good start. Remember - 5 year olds should only be doing "sit down" school work for 30-45 minutes a day. Just because she can sit for 2 solid hours, doesn't mean she will want to, and you'll quickly find both of you are burned out before Christmas. I suggest you read a book by Karen Andreola called, "A Charlotte Mason Companion". Also, get involved with a homeschool support group in your area. It may not be a perfect fit, but you will glean ideas from other mothers!

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