homeschooling an ADHD child?

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I'm ADHD and without meds right now because I'm pregnant (yes, pregnancy brain on top of ADHD. how fun!). I'm homeschooling my son who is ADHD. Even with medication it is very difficult to get him to focus and do his work. He has begun to excel since we started homeschool. I think the one-on-one time and my extra time and effort to make sure that he isn't zoning out during a lesson has really helped. But I need some advice on how to help him focus better on work. It's taking too much time. I have 2 other kids, a house and a military husband that isn't always around to help out. Plus, I'm finding it harder for me to focus on the school work that needs to be done, making it harder for me to help him focus. I really need some tips from a mom that has figured this out!


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Our entire household has ADD of some sort. None of us are medicated. My husband and I are close to 50 yo. When we were kids, ADD and ADHD weren't medicated.

You don't mention how old you son is, and believe it or not, that is important.
Our son out grew his ADD tendencies at about 12yo. Since Our daughter is more hyper than he, I have always had it in my mind that if she can't control herself by 14, then I'd look into medication. For now she's a kid, and part of being a kid is learning to control impulses.

We don't have a schedule set by the clock, but we have a routine. Sticking to that routine is a help. The routine includes short bursts of sit down schoolwork and short bursts of movement.

When she was younger and couldn't sit still at all, I took away her chair and she worked at the table while standing. That let her feet and legs free to wiggle about while her head and eyes were on her work. As crazy as it sounds, it did work for her.


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Lighten up on yourself first. I'm also pregnant, and have been given a diagnosis of ADD in the past ten years. However, we have rarely had stable insurance, so I've never been treated for it.

Big reason I AM homeschooling is because of the extra needs my kids seem to have. My second child, a boy, is extremely impulse driven. He thinks it, he does it... LOL! But he does pretty good with doing is work. My oldest is my biggest challenge. I'm starting to put her in the ADD category, although I've never had her tested or looked at.

I've been researching some things like natural supplements and such.

Otherwise, all I can do is relax on myself right now (between my issues, being PG, and getting ready to relocate AGAIN!!!)

We do a lot of fun school stuff and combined subjects for my older two. We mix in a lot of field trips, reading (my kids' favorite past time!), and projects. It helps and it breaks up the sit down time for them.

We do have consequences to not finishing your work, though, and they usually fit the "crime".... losing free time, going to bed early, missing special events, etc...

Anna - posted on 08/05/2011




Have you watched "Nutrition and Behavior" by neurologist Russell Blaylock? Have you researched how to manage ADHD with nutrition? Have you tested to see if he has any food allergies/sensitivities?

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