Playdates - how often and are too many overrated?

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Hello fellow homeschooling mommies!! I am in the early years of homeschooling - my kidlets are 5, 2 1/2 and 5 months and have just started to pull back on our playdates. We go to church and Bible study weekly and I have come to the conclusion that a playdate every other week will be plenty for us - anything more just seems to be too much. I'm sure things will change over time as they grow and naps become a thing of the past :0) (which I'm hoping doesn't happen too soon!! :0)), but for now it seems right. What do you mommies do and what do you find works for you? Thanks for your thoughts!!


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That sounds about right for when my kids were those ages. Now they are 8, 6, 5, and 3. The older two might go on playdates 1/week. The younger two, not usually unless I am going to visit friends. I also babysit a 5 y/o boy so he plays M-F with my kids, and his 8 y/o sister comes once a week. So I figure that helps eliminate the need for so many other playdates too. My older two also go to the Boys and Girls Club 2/month for drop-in activites. We also do other homeschool activities as a family.

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