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ISO: Pen Pals!

Hi there! I am in search of some pen pals for my kiddos! I have 4 kids and need pen pals fro my oldest 3. (The youngest, Easton, is only one..) I have a 15yr old girl named...


snail mail for my 7 year old

Hi there, I'm looking for a penpal for my 7 year old daughter who is home schooled. She would really love to have a friend from somewhere else in the world to write to and...


Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! I just pulled my 11 year old daughter from public school last month. We are enjoying homeschooling. I want to introduce myself. I am a single mom with two kids...



Wow - lots of homeschooling groups to join! I decided to join just 1 ... otherwise I'd be on here all day and not homeschooling. We homeschool our oldest 2 children (although...


Christian Moms need encouragement

I am a Christian wife and mom of 3 and have been a full time missionary for a coulple of decades. The biggest need I have seen is encouragement for our Moms and Sisters. We need...


Am i cut out for homeschooling?

I feel like God is leading me to homeschool my children, bu this is sooo not me (so i thought) Just wanted to hear others stories of feeling totally underqualified to ake on...