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getting started

I am planning to start homeschooling our son next year who will be in Kindergarten. Just looking for any helpful information.


Older homeschool moms

I am a 55 year old mom of an eight year old. God does work in mysterious ways, he sent her to us after all our children had grown and married. I am homeschooling her and was...


Homeschooling programs for ADHD child.

I was wondering if anybody had any good christian homeschooling programs for kids with ADHD. I would like to start researching them for my daughter. I am in Florida. I know...


Homeschool? or Fight Club??

my girls, 6 and 4 are the middle two of four children.. they have shared a room for over three and a half years... but.. lately its, well, not working! The young one is...


Looking to connect

Hi, I am new and I am looking for home schooling moms or resources in Los Angeles. I just pulled my son from a preschool and have decided that I was home schooling the whole...


Hello, Homeschooling Mommies:)

I joined another Christian Homeschool Group before I found this 1, but since I'm new to homeschooling, it doesn't hurt to get info from different sources and all, so here I am....



Hi. We're the Armstrongs. We use Sonlight curriculum as our basis and also use Math-U-See and Apologia Sciences. My hubbie Herb teaches Science, Math, and Art, and Bible in the...



I am thinking of homeschooling my now 5th grader next school year. Is it too late to start? He is open to the idea. 6th graders are considered Jr. High here and I think he is...


Hi All

Hi everyone we started "homeschooling" this sept for my son it...just looking to connect with others more....


New Here.

Hey there everyone! I'm Sarah, a New Zealander living in Australia. We have 6 daughters, 12, 10, 8, 6, 3,and 1. We have been mostly unschooling, but are planning on doing...


Charlotte Mason

Have any of you looked into her stuff and what do you think about it? I've posted a link below in case you haven't read up on her at all:



I'm a homeschool mom to 5 wonderful blessings ages 8 and under. 3 girls, 2 boys & lots of fun. Crystal


Hi There!

I'm Heidi. I started homeschooling this year. Olivia is 5 and started Kindergarten and Emma is 3. My husband, Mike is a pastor of a small christian church in the country of...


The Spalding Method

I was wondering if anyone has used The Spalding Method. If so what is your opinion on it and teaching it?


Getting started

My son is only 18 months old - is there anything I can go ahead and get started as far as collecting stuff over the next years so it's not too expensive, preparing myself for as...