Homeschooling programs for ADHD child.

Katie - posted on 01/20/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I was wondering if anybody had any good christian homeschooling programs for kids with ADHD. I would like to start researching them for my daughter. I am in Florida. I know some programs are national though. Thank you so much!!


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Cindy - posted on 02/14/2009




What I did for my adhd daughter is to first figure out her learning style.
Remember it may help her to move around during lessons (let her bounce a ball, have her do different subjects in different rooms. Let her write at a chalkboard/whiteboard. We even do jumping jacks sometimes when she is getting frustrated)

Linda - posted on 02/13/2009




I don't know of any programs just for ADHD, but I can recommend the book "How to Get Your Child off the Refrigerator and onto Learning" by Carol Barnier. I think mostly you will have to modify the curriculum to fit your child. Some things you can do orally instead of him writing everything down. Also, fit in movement. For example, when my son was learning the numbers 1 to 20, I took large cards with the numbers on them and put them on the floor. Then I would call out a number and he would have to jump on it. All my kids loved this, not just my adhd one. Also, take time to set up the learning space with a minimum of distractions. Sometimes music in the background helps. As I mother of an ADHD boy who homeschooled him for 10 looonnnnngggg years, you will need prayer, patience, creativity, patience and more prayer and more patience and more prayer. Well, you get the point.

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