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Homeschooling with Bible based curriculum. Bringing up our children to understand Godly ways verses worldly ways.


Working homeschool mom

I am working part time 2 days a week & homeschooling our 1st year my 2nd grader & 3 year preschooler. Any other homeschooling moms out there working part time? Are there...



I have been so far teaching my daughter "reading" on my own. She is currently four, and knows her upper and lower case letters and is starting to learn sounds. I am just curious...



If you are looking for a babysitter in the Cincinnati area your in luck! A new babysitting facility ran from their home is now open, called Kreative Kidz!! for more information...


ACE homeschool?

does anyone use ACE? i'm thinking about using it for my two kids...have seen mixed reviews for it. is there another christian oriented curriculum that's great? thanks


New to Charlotte!

I am in my third year of homeschooling my oldest daughter through a correspondence program, but am in DESPERATE need of a change! Since I have a preschool age daughter who we...


Homeschooling your Preschooler

Hi,I'm Heather and I have a 4year old son named Nathan. Nathan was born in December and won't be allowed to attend Kindergarten b/c of when his bday falls. I have looked into...


Homeschooling a child with SPD

My daughter is 4 and I am starting some prek-k lessons with her starting Monday. (Wish me luck because this is my first time) She has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) and I'm...


Thoughts on A beka?

I am currently trying to decide whether or not we are going to use A Beka for my almost five year old daughter who is starting kindergarten work this year. My question for...


Amanda Bennett studies

I went to the homeschooling convention in Cincinnati this last weekend. It was AWESOME. I listened to Amanda Bennett speak and looked at her studies. I'm really interested in...


Forgein Laguage

Does any one use a forgein language curiculum that is really good. we are going to start one next year and I was looking for some ideas. We have looked at the muzzy stuff. But...


Whats best?

I think I am ready to take the plung... I'm looking to see what everyone recommends for pre-k/ kindergarten. My daughter will be 4 in May and I would like to start her with a...


choosing a curriculum

I'm looking for an affordable, full curriculum with daily lesson plans. Next year, I'll have a 1st grader, a Kindergartener and a baby, so I don't want to have to worry about...


In search of other moms like me

I am new to this site and can't seem to figure out how to find moms in my area with the same interests and children the same ages as my children. Any info would be great. I am...