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Maybe it's just one of those days (weeks is more like it) but I'm really burdened that I'm not cut out for this. We have a 6 year old girl and 4 1/2 year boy (and 18 month old girl). the two older ones bicker and fight constantly- I am constantly trying to curb and guide their behavior towards each other with verses, time outs, and spankings. The 18 month old wants to do everything the older two are doing which means sitting on the couch during reading time which then she disrupts and interupts alot. And sitting at the table with crayons, scribbling while they write. We've started doing alot of things during her afternoon nap time just to run smoother.

On a good day, I can finish both 1st grade and preschool in 2 hours. On a bad day, it takes 4 or more!!

We try to give them time apart: playdates with other homeschoolers, errands with mom or dad alone, etc. But the minute they are back together, they're bickering again.

As it gets colder here in Michigan my 4 1/2 year old son is getting antsy and energetic in the house, driving the girls NUTS!! We have hippity hops, mini tramp, and one of those FP Smart Cycles to help get his energy out- I think it just adds to it. Imagine if I let him eat junk food!!!

We're just coming through a round of colds that went through the house. I am a much better Mom and teacher when one or two of the kids are sleeping or out of the house. I feel like a terrible Mom by the end of the day- who'd want to stay home all day with me!


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We all have second thoughts. I'd suggest reflecting on why you decided to homeschool and see if those reasons still stand.

I'd also be willing to bet that you are doing the classic new hs mom thing and are trying to do too much in one day. Before you give up, I’d try looking into changing how you are homeschooling, maybe even a new curriculum. Don’t try to do too much or stick with a curriculum that isn’t working because you paid a lot for it.

I do unit studies. This way my older two (one who just turned 7 and one who just turned 5) can work together, sometimes my 2 yr old joins in as well.

Just to give you an idea what another Mom with kids of a similar age is doing, here is our typical day…

-Progressive Phonics (this is free online) Reading instruction/Phonics/penmanship (10-20 min)

-Math we use Right Start (15-20 min)

-Reading aloud (10-30 min)

-Unit Studies we use Five In A Row (10-30 min)

-Bible (5-10 min)

Of course, there are lots of different ways to homeschool. You just need to find what works best for your family.

Your kids are pretty young. I’ve always considered pre-school optional. Read some stories, do some craft projects, go on occasional nature walks, and don’t worry if you don’t do anything else. I’ve even know people who didn’t do any formal education until age 8 and with in a few months the kids were caught up to other kids of the same age! So, relax and have some fun!

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