Please pray God gives us guidance about our jobs & finances

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My husband & I both work full-time plus self-employment trying to fix up our house & be able to separate our son & 2 daughters that r currently sharing a small bedroom but extra expenses keep popping up making it difficult to fix the house up (which is an embarassment to have any1 over). We try to at least have supper together as a family & take time to connect as a couple, go to church as much as possible, pray, & do devotions..I'm trying not to be worldly & I trust God to provide 4 my family's needs but is it being selfish or coveting to want for my kids to have better than what they do?


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Personally, I think being poor has been the biggest blessing for our family. Didn't the rich young ruler think he didn't need God? When you are living paycheck to paycheck, you learn to rely on God for the grace to make it through each day.

My husband is a seasonal logger/tree cutter, which means "feast or famine" we have lots of work or a dry spell of months. I am a stay-at-home mom. I have a college degree, I could get a career, but I chose to stay home with my 4 kids.

With that said, it has been an amazing last ten years. Sometimes we only can afford potatoes and soymilk. My kids are healthy and happy, never been sick. Every single time we think we don't have rent money, my husband gets a job opportunity. I can look back and see God's hand upon our lives, He provides for us (of course we aren't just sitting waiting for a handout from God).

Our infirmity is God's opportunity. He is just waiting to help us in our time of need. Why does life get so hard? because we are trying to do it all OURSELVES. Hand it over to God, because He says my yoke is easy and my burden light.
Cast those burdens upon the Lord.....

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I agree that it is important to be content wherever you are. However, if you are having problems with your finances, look into take a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course. It's Christian based and a lot of churches do it. Worth every penny and moment in class. It's changed our financial life!

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Oh my goodness ! I completely understand your position. If there was a legitimate way for you to replace your income working from home would you try it ?
I am not here to make your life harder but my husband and I were recently in a similar situation until I found a wonderful company (who has been around 25 years and has a A+ standing with the BBB) that allowed me to work from home and make an income similar to that which I had at my daytime job. No sales, no inventories, no hassling people to buy stuff they don't need or spend money they don't have and no large fees ! Please visit my website and fill out the info sheet and I will get you set up with a 30 minute webcast that will give you all the info. There is no pressure or contracts ect. And if you decide its not for you I promise you will never hear from me again.
However, I will keep you guys in my prayers ! I know how hard it is. We were both working full time jobs while my husband worked a second business on the side and have 4 kids and it seemed like everytime we made a leg up someone chopped it down again. This opportunity can change that for you just like it did for me ! Please get the info ! It will change your life. I can guarantee this is no scam or gimmick !

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Paul wrote that he had learned to be content in whatever situation. I don't think it is wrong to want what is best for your family, the problem comes in if you can't enjoy where you are. Make the best of the situation you are in now, knowing that it wont last forever! Then you wont look back at how horrible it was, but know that while you are glad that it is over that you learned something from it! :)

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