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Hope - posted on 05/18/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




my son and i just started going to church together in february, he is only 19 months old, but i want to know how to start helping him understand God and helping him and i grow as a family in faith together? i quit going to church a few years ago, and just started back, and i love where it is leading us, i'm just wanting us to end up as a family with faith. do any of you have any advice?


Rebekah - posted on 05/20/2011




First thing first, you need to read the Bible daily yourself. What you put into yourself, is exactly the Bible your child reads. You are the first Bible your child reads. Learn to grow it in yourself and you will see that you plant the seeds into your own child.

Then there are plenty of things you can do to teach to your child... with as young as your child is, choose a monthly theme, this age group LOVES repetition...

If your theme is the SKY, do things like:
Noah's Ark and the Rainbow
Noah's Ark and the Rain (clouds and rain)
Moses on Mount Sinai when God appeared (clouds)
Jesus going to Heaven (clouds)
God made the stars, moon, and sun (Genesis and Creation)

Then do some fun activities with each story...
Rainbow - finger painting
Rain Clouds - glue some cotton balls on blue construction paper and make fun rain drops
Mt. Sinai - make a mountain in your living room and use a bunch of pillows as the clouds (imagination)
Jesus Ascending - take a balloon outside and let it go (have extras on hand, in case your child REALLY likes balloons)
Sun, Moon & Stars - do a hunt - hide paper sun, moon and stars throughout the house/yard and find them, talk about them, and tell your son "God said let there be light" and light was formed. OR for the stars in the sky, you can create a campout in the bedroom and put the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling or hang christmas lights that twinkle on the ceiling... count them.

Simple prayers... you can even do a drawing prayer. Things your son knows about. For example, "Dear God, you made the (sun picture) so bright, the (moon picture) and (stars picture) to shine at night, the pretty (flowers picture) and the (trees picture) so tall; we thank you that You made them all. Amen." Read through it and point to the picture to have your son name it, then move on... helps him learn to pray too!

Jenny - posted on 05/20/2011




What we do is have a children's worship cd playing in our son's room 24/7, so that his room and the house is filled with worship music. When he gets old enough Veggie Tales are wonderful Christian dvds with moral stories, they also have cds of fun kids music. The dvds usually run $5 at walmart/target/ross, we have found them at the Christian Family stores on sale for $5 as well. Try finding some books as well at thrift shops, goodwill, etc. Also before purchasing books, toys, movies, & watching tv shows ask yourself is this teaching my son to respect God or does it allow things that God does not allow should this be allowed into our home. We read our son a Bible story every night as well as we do our devotional and Bible study in front of our son, so even if he isn't sitting there with us, he is seeing our example and hearing the words. Find a Bible study to attend as well that doesn't mind kids, our son has gone since infancy, and although he just sits and plays God has blessed him even at a young age to respect prayer. The more you immerse your lives, whether he appears to be listening or not, he will benefit. Our son is only 2, but sometimes he's the one reminding us to pray at dinner, (typically before we've sat down because he wants to eat) not in words, but by reaching out his hands to pray and bowing his head. Children absorb so much more than we give them credit for even at a young age.

Carla - posted on 05/20/2011




I agree with all, and especially Anne (:)) Mothers are given the unique opportunity of showing God to their little ones on a nature walk or working in the garden. My little grandbabies wanted to know where germs came from, so we spent several hours dissecting the Adam and Eve story. I made Satan sound like a monitor lizard (a snake with legs) for my grandson who loves dinosaurs, and made the Garden sound especially beautiful for my little granddaughter. We talked all morning, on and off about it, and they would mull on something, then come back with another question. It also worked in with discipline, the monitor lizard sitting on your shoulder telling you not to mind Grammy ;) They look up into the sky to see if they can see God. It's adorable.

Pray, sweetie, for opportunities to teach your son. He is the perfect age to accept faith without questioning. Thank God, His timing is always perfect, and you can shape his little heart to be a loving, faith full Child of God.

God bless, honey

Heather - posted on 05/19/2011




We do morning devotions together, learn memory verses together, and are even working on learning a catechism. There are endless possibilities of the things you can do together, and anything you do together will build you closer to the Lord and to each other.

Anne - posted on 05/19/2011




Hi Hope, As you go about your day, talk to him about the birds, sky trees, etc and tell him that God Made These Things. Another thing that I tried to do when our daughters were small was to Pray for them by name. If your schedule will allow when he is old enough to go to school Pray for him before he leaves the house. These Prayers DO NOT NEED TO BE LONG! They Also Do Not Need To Be Filled With A Lot Of Flowery Words. Just remember to Pray with respect and Love to our Heavenly Father and to end your Prayer In Jesus Name Amen.

I hope this helps. Oh by the way our daughters are 23 and 27 both living hundreds of miles from the town they were born and raised. They call at least 3 times a week with a Prayer Request either for themselves or for friends.

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Kate - posted on 02/21/2012




I agree with Daily scripture and prayer time. In my family we pray in the morning before people rush off, for our meals, and a family prayer before bed. We also encourage our daughters to say their own personal prayers. We didnt teach them any specific prayers; we are teaching them that prayer is open communication with our Heavenly Father who loves us and want to hear from us. So we taught them to pray like this: we begin by addressing Heavenly Father (God), we thank him for blessings (like family, trees, toys -whatever your son is thankful for in his life), we then ask him for things that we - or people we know - need (such as help someone who is sick, help us to get good rest, ect) then we end in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. We also have a Family Home Evening one night a week. We start with a prayer, sing a church song - any christian song, even the fun little kid ones those are what my girls like (they are 5 and almost 3), then we have a SHORT spiritual thought: like how Heavenly Father gave us our bodies, or the earth, or about prayer, or what is the bible. The spiritual thought is meant to be a way to talk to your son and discuss together the things you are both learning. I pick one topic and have a 5-10 min thought with my girls. Last night we talked about how Heavenly Father hears every prayer like we are sitting next to Him. Even if we are in a crowded room and whisper the prayer. After the thought we play a game, go on a walk, play outside, just something together as a family. End the evening with your family prayer. I would also say be ready to answer questions. My little almost 3 year old just asked me what the Holy Ghost was. I am glad she is listening and paying attention and asking questions. Good luck and God speed!

Hope - posted on 05/19/2011




Thank you so much for all of your ideas. He goes to the youth ministry for his age at our church, just wanted to see what I could do at home for him as well! Thank you so much!

Victoria - posted on 05/19/2011




Pray with him, sing worship songs to him, read the bible to him. If there is a childrens church or nursery class for his age this can be a great thing to as it caters to his age group. Ultimately stand firm and be of strong faith, as your example is the best teacher he will ever have. I will keep you in prayer.

Louise - posted on 05/18/2011




Buy a christian childs bible and read to him daily. He will enjoy the pictures and eventually understand what is going on in the stories.

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