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The nest is emptying....

Veronica - posted on 03/08/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




This question goes out to those who have become empty nester's.


Martie - posted on 03/09/2010




Hi Veronica...I have found having an empty nest has it's ups and downs. The rooms in our hourse actually stay cleaner much longer. the down side is sometimes it's so quiet that I want to make noise to cover up the quiet.

I think the empty nest time is a great ministry time. We still have energy and wisdom but are not burdened down with the chores of daily life with children. God exhorted us older women to mentor the younger ones. I find that a lot of "mentoring" can go on across the table in our homes or a restaurant. I purposedly changed my schedule at work to rotate (everyone thought I had lost my mind) But one of the best time to meet other women is for lunch or coffee during the day. Asking questions such as "what can I pray for you this week" will put you in touch with their hearts.

My husband went from being a very busy man to an office in the house and a greatly reduced schedule after a series of health problems and a mild stroke. Someone said as a joke "I married my husband for better or worse but not for lunch" I felt that way. I was hard having him around in my space. But we worked through it. Then I had to go to work because of his health problems. I never wanted to work. I had homeschooled my children and I wanted to "do ministry" But God is the author of our lives and our daily path. He has met us where we are. He has heard my gouchy I don't want this on some days and has encouraged and strengthened me. Each stage of life has its challenges and its rewards. And when submitted to God it's the best life ever.

Anne - posted on 03/09/2010




Hi Veronica, Our nest has been empty now for almost 4 years. We live in MI, our oldest daughter lives in Charlotte NC were she went for Culinary School. She graduated almost a year ago and now has a full time job in Charlotte.

Our youngest just finished college before Christmas, she will walk in graduation ceremonies in May. Her school is very small and only has one Ceremony a year. She also has a full time job in the city where she went for college. San Diego, CA My husband and I know that our daughters are in GOD"S WILL for their lives so it has made having them gone so far away easier.

However we do miss them. I knew when they left MI for college that they were not going to live in MI when they were finished with college. I really thought I had this all settled and I was o.k. with this. What I realized at Christmas was that now that they are young women working in their "Grown Up" job they may not always get Christmas off, so we might have a year that we are all not together in CO with my husbands family. I realized that tis made a little sad. But I also realized that I had to give it to GOD.

If I have not answered your question or you would like to talk feel free to add me to your circle of moms and send me a message. I will BE Praying for you and your family as you all adjust to the changes. If you are married, take a nice long vacation, even if it is just to the family room, with your husband. WE noticed that although we had always enjoyed family vacations, we really liked the change of pace of not having to make 4 chooses of what we did with our time into something everyone wanted to do together.

Heather - posted on 03/08/2010




I still have small children, but my mom became a girl scout leader when we left home. She also picked up a few new hobbies... well, one new one, and is starting back up on an old one.


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