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Do you have a favorite recipe?

What about a yummy recipe that "stretches" our dollars, or that you can double and freeze, or a special holiday recipe.

Post it here!


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Zimmersgirl - posted on 09/04/2009




Wow, that looks easy enough and sounds yummy! I can't wait to try it. :)

Here's one that is great for family or when you have to take a dessert to a dinner party. It looks like you made so much fuss over it, when really it will be one of the EASIEST recipes you'll ever do. I've made it a couple of times now and each time it gets raves reviews and people really think you've taken a lot of time!


Ingredients: 1 can of crushed pineapple in juice; 1 cup of whipped topping (like cool whip); 1 pkg of instant vanilla pudding mix; 1 angel food cake; 8 medium-sized strawberries.

(If you are making your own angel food cake, do so ahead of time and let cool).

Pour crushed pineapple (with juice) into mixing bowl. Add the instant pudding powder (do not make into pudding) and stir gently until the mixture thickens. Gently spoon in and mix/fold in the cool whip (you can use more than 1 cup if you like). Set bowl to side and cut the angel food cake into three layers. Put the bottom layer on your plate/cake stand and then spoon out pineapple mixture on top of the layer. Add middle layer and repeat. Add top layer and repeat. Put strawberries in a ring around the top layer. Refrigerate at least one hour before serving.

You can make this a 'diabetic' version by using sugar-free whipped topping and sugar-free pudding mix.

Anne - posted on 08/20/2009




Hamburg Gravy ( Or for the more PICKIE EATER Hamburg Stroganoff)

This recipe will serve 4, but it is easy to make more it by multiplying all ingredients.

One -1 1/2 pounds of ground chuck.

One 12 oz. can of cream or mushroom soup.

(this size can be found at FAmily Dollar or Dollar General)

One half can (using the C o M can) milk, or half and half. (Any fat contact of milk.)

One small onion chopped.

one clove of garlic

Salt and pepper to taste

2 cups cooked rice any kind but brown (unless you add a full can of milk)

follow package cooking instructions.


noodles for 4


mashed potatoes for 4.

Cooking instructions:

Scramble hamburg, drain extra grease

add the C o M soup, mix well

serve of your families favorite (EVEN over bread)

Add your families favorite veggie and salad.


Raw onion and garlic can be substituted for jar spices.

This dish is soo popular in our family, it has been used as the Easter dinner, made on vacations, for Birthday dinners, and put on dry ice and mailed to our daughters at college. From MI to CA and NC

I have used this dish for our Wednesday Night Church Dinners for about 60 people..

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