Has anyone used the Song of Solomon for Youth by Tommy Nelson series?

Jenn - posted on 01/25/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am a youth sponsor at our church and I have a soon to be teenager daughter. I feel the Lord has really laid on my heart to help equip our Christian daughters in this ungodly world. My husband and I taught the Song of Solomon by Tommy Nelson as a small groups class to adults and it was very good. I was wodering if anyone has used the SOS for Youth by Tommy Nelson and if so what are your thoughts? If you haven't used this particular series is there one that you would recommend that covers the Biblical design for attraction and dating with how and why God designed sex (for the marriage relationship only) and practical steps to how to remain pure until marriage?


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Karen - posted on 08/21/2009




I do not see why you would want to? Song of Solomon is an erotic romance between married, or soon-to-be married people. It's not for teens.

You can equip young women to be Godly Wives by using Titus, Proverbs, etc.

Susan - posted on 03/24/2009




We used it for the youth in our church. Another nurse and I did the lesson. We added the consequences that can result from bad decisions; STDS and pregnancy as well. The kids actually participated and asked questions. I think they were glad to have a biblical perspective on things.

Ginger - posted on 02/11/2009




I have never heard of this teaching, however would be interested to find out about it.

 I feel when it comes to today's teens it is better to inform from biblical ways and worldly ways in order to prepare our teens for real life. Withholding information that is vital to the developement of our youth is why we have our teens crazy about sex and love. They are innodated with it everyday on TV. I believe it is our responsibility as christain parents to inform our children of our values and also let them know the positives of abstince and true godly love versus the crude lustful love they are exposed to by the world.

About 6 months ago my 13 yr old daughter was reading her bible and studying God's word and began reading Song of Soloman (Songs). This opened a door for great conversation about true love and the meaning of keeping her self-respect and dignity. She learned alot through reading her bible (NIV & NLT) that really opened her eyes to what God expects from her as his daughter.

The most important part of parenting teens is to have open and honest communication that leads toward trust and responsibility. God commands us as parents to train our children in his ways. This includes love, sex, & lust and sexual sin!

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