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Hello all single mom here with three girls ages 4,6, and 12 years old strict mom but loving. I would like to meet other moms with strict goings on. does anyone spank anymore what else due you due lets chat holly


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Anna - posted on 11/15/2011




In my home I have three boys and I am a firm believer in spankings but as a last resort. At least with my children I do physical time-outs and take away privledges,

Sharisa - posted on 11/04/2011




I have 6 children, I am also pretty strict but I also like to have fun with them. with my 3,5,9yr olds I still spank or take away there fav. things, works really well in my house my older kids 15,13,11 I don't spank anymore and they get grounded ex: staying home on the weekends, no cell phone, tv things like that. Which for the my older ones that has also worked.

Bek - posted on 01/10/2011




yes, I did "spank" my children, A light tap on the diaper when tiny, slightly harder when older, but by the time they were teens it didn't work anymore, although even when little it worked better on my daughter than my son. Time out worked best. I don't know if you would call that strict or not. We also had curfews, chores and rules. Not like they all worked all of the time. But as parents we have to do what we think is best. One thing I do believe is too strict is using a spoon, belt or any other object other than a hand to spank and never, never strike the face. A little "tap" on the behind or on the hand seems to work well with the little ones, boundary's and consequences for older children.
What do you consider as strict?

Ramona - posted on 11/24/2010




What constitutes strict?? I have my rules on some things, but am more relaxed on other things. I require beds to be made every single day, but am willing to set a different curfew for the kids depending on who they are with and where they are going. I don't have any real issues with my kids either, they volunteer at church, honor roll students, athletes, scouts and are in clubs, so they don't have time to get into trouble.

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