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Kerri - posted on 02/26/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello all.... I have an 11-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son. I am extremely cautious about what they watch on television. Only recently I started allowing my 15-year-old son to watch PG-13 movies. They both have televisions in their rooms and follow my guidelines very closely about what they do and do not watch. However I am having trouble finding shows that I think are suitable. Also, I am having issues with friends inviting my daughter to movies that are PG-13 and also rated R. Recently my daughter spent the night at her friend's house. Later I found out that they allowed the girls to watch 2 rated R films. Even though my daughter knew she was not allowed to watch them, she did not know what to say or how to say it to the parents without seemingly questioning their judgment. I was just curious how other moms handle this.


Marie - posted on 07/24/2009




When my sons were at that age, they would politely leave the room if they were at a party and speak to the chaperone/parent privately. They always put the responsibility of their choice back to me. "Mom and I agree that this is not a good show for me to watch." (Once, a parent phoned me that my 13 year old son refused to watch Saw II at his son's 14th birthday; they found an alternate activity for him and a few of the other party-goers left the movie and joined him!) Sometimes their cousins would turn on TV shows that we had agreed were not suitable, and until recently they would ask to change the channel or leave the room. They have reached driving age now (!), and are making more of their own choices, but still speak up about morally objectionable shows and behaviors.

If you go to and search Worth Watching In (enter the month) you will get selections of safe family programs on TV. Or, go to for Catholic/Christian reviews of films and DVDs.


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Sally - posted on 09/03/2009




Hi, my oldest is 11 and, at this point, I am still quite conservative in what I let them watch. First, I know overnights are popular with this age but I tend to keep them minimal. They have overnights with cousins that have similar family values or friends whose families we know real well and who know our views. I am not shy about letting other parent's know I am conservative about what they watch. I had an experience like yours once where my daughter did an overnight and found out they had access to cable T.V all night. Scary!! Another time my 9-year-old had a play date and later that night woke up with night mares. Found out she had watched some scary ghost movie at the play date. Now, for those few places they play that we know have more liberal T.V, or movie viewing the kids call and ask if a particular movie is okay. The parents usually ask us ahead of time too, as I always do if I show a movie at our home (since we can all vary in what we feel is appropriate or if our children are at the emotional maturity level for certain viewing.) At home I also stocked up on alot of DVD sets that I think demonstrate good values or are just good clean fun. My girls and I love watching "Little House on the Praire" as one example. When it is T.V time (which I try to keep minimal ,as well, sometimes unsuccessfully) I often pull out the DVDs in place of the current T.V programming or just stick to the few shows that we do like as a family. Your children are very blessed to have a mom that cares so much about what is being fed into their spirit and is keeping a protective and loving eye out for their needs. I always pray for wisdom in the choices I make for my childen- including T.V. viewing. Good luck and God Bless!

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maybe i'm a wierd parent, but whenever i have other kids over for sleepovers I actually talk to the kid's parents to find out what is appropriate and isn't. I have a daughter who loves scary movies so when her friends come over i have asked parents if it's ok for their kids to watch and if so what ratings and such, and I respect the parents decision. As far as my teen (14) I try to not watch rated R with her friends... unless it's a movie i've watched and found no issue with. I would deffinitely speak with the girl's parents regarding this and let them know where you stand on this issue. If it continues THEN stop allowing your daughter over there.

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  It's time to display some trust.  You know what values have taught your children and they know were you stand.  It should not matter what any one else thinks about what you have taught your children.  It's not the  fact of questioning thier judgement it's your daughter expressing what peramitors (sp) you have set for her, you might be amazed at how many parents would respect your view even if it's not something that happens in thier house.  You just need to tell your daughter that if this happens again she needs to let them know that in order for her to watch that movie the other parents need to call you and that gets her out of having to explain to an adult about your moral teaching...And not all PG-13 movies are bad and if the parents tell you what the movie is and why it is rated the way it is then you can us your judgement on if you want her to watch it then it's on you not her!!!  Just don't allow this to keep going b/c if it happens once it will happen again and it will  get easier for your daught to not say anything...So make yourself the scape goat...and if you don't want to wait maybe you need to talk to the parents before hand and then that way your daughters not put in the middle...Hope this helps

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