Christian moms

A community where moms are invited to talk about the christian values and morals that we hope to instill in our children.

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To give or not to give

Christian based opinions needed! Do you gift family members who are not remotely involved? Would you accept and/or give gifts to your children from family members who do not...

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Started by Peyton on 06/12/2017 in Christian Moms

Last update on 06/12/2017 by Peyton


intro and question

I dont know if I ever had introduced myself here but my name is Emma I am single mom of two children 9 year old tirza and 11 year old Julie I am christian and want to raise my...

Started by Emma on 06/17/2015 in Christian Moms

Last update on 02/05/2017 by Rachel Louise


Catholic school or Christian school?

My hubby and I have been sending our daughter to a Christian school for 4 years this September. We are a bit overwhelmed by the cost and might look at switching her in the new...

Started by Lydia on 08/30/2016 in Christian Moms

Last update on 12/17/2016 by Holly


Cries All the Time

My daughter is 4.5 months now and when she's happy she's a delight, but when she gets tired she screams and screams and screams. She screams whether we hold her, rock her,...

Started by Christa on 07/01/2010 in Christian Moms

Last update on 11/14/2016 by Rose


Christian Single Mom

Hi, I am getting divorced from my husband (he had a gf) and I'm kinda scared about being a single mom. I went to look at the single mom circles for advice about raising a...

Started by Kara on 01/19/2010 in Christian Moms

Last update on 10/07/2016 by Gergana


Please Pray

I could really use your prayers for my marriage right now...I feel like satan is trying to destroy our home. My husband and i have been married almost 6 years. We have three...

Started by Sarah on 08/24/2010 in Christian Moms

Last update on 09/11/2016 by Rebecca


Fun Parent....Strict parent?

Hello everyone, I have a 4yr old daughter. The problem is that we have a split family, when she is at home with me, she has Religion and Rules that ARE to be followed. At her...

Started by Jacqui on 08/05/2009 in Christian Moms

Last update on 08/17/2016 by Kim


Home school, private school or public school?

I know that schooling with other kids can bring in bad influences. Should I home school and give her extra activities, like home school and ballet classes, so she can meet other...

Started by Rebekah on 03/06/2010 in Christian Moms

Last update on 08/16/2016 by Virginia


Please reply. Really need some guidance

Hello! My daughter is 5 weeks old and I have been exclusively pumping my breast milk and bottle feeding her for the past two weeks as physically breastfeeding did not work out...

Started by Julie on 07/05/2016 in Christian Moms

Last update on 08/12/2016 by Stephanie


single christian community...

thought i would start a community specifically geared towards us single christian moms. not quite sure if really necessary since we have christian mom boards, but figured I...

Started by Pat on 01/24/2012 in Christian Moms

Last update on 07/10/2016 by Angela


Anyone seeking discipline advice?

hello, if anyone could use advice on this important topic, id be glad to talk with you. I have experience through my church as well as my own parenting. i know how tough things...

Started by Caroline on 05/10/2016 in Christian Moms

Last update on 05/14/2016 by ♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫


New here - My intro

I am from Cincinnati, Ohio myself - My intro: Hi, My name is Jeanine - I really appreciate this blog and am also a new joiner. I am a parent of two grown girls that are now in...

Started by Jeanie-Rose on 02/19/2016 in Christian Moms

Last update on 02/23/2016 by Jeanie-Rose


When adult children turn away from faith

My daughter, 27, has just become engaged. She is a successful professional and my husband and I are proud of her in so many ways. Her fiance' is a fine young man, and we are...

Started by Linda on 02/14/2011 in Christian Moms

Last update on 02/22/2016 by Sophia


Problems with lying

my children are TR (18), Anthony (14), Athena (13), and Chelle (10). at our church, we have a very good ctive youth program and up until the age of 10 there is a Kings Children...

Started by A on 02/18/2016 in Christian Moms

Last update on 02/18/2016 by A


Hiding stuff on her iPad

My daughter is 21 and keeps chatting with guys she don't know on her iPad an app called Kik. I confronted her about it in the past few months about it. She's sending pics of...

Started by Dawn on 12/29/2015 in Christian Moms

Last update on 02/17/2016 by A

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