Are there any other Moms like myself that believe in Spankings in this group?

Anna - posted on 11/15/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




My name is Anna and I am from Mexico and now living in Ohio. I have three school age boys that suffer from ADD/ADHD. I am a pro spanking mom and I have a paddle that hangs on a hook in my kitchen for everybody to see. I am a firm believer in my paddle for discipline as a last resort. I always try other punishments first like time-outs, taking away things they enjoy and grounding them; but, when all things fail I use my paddle for age appropriate spankings. - So, my question is Am I the only Mom in this group who believes in using a paddle to spank with?


Carla - posted on 11/20/2011




I believe in using whatever method works, and like to try conservative methods before going on to the more drastic ones. We spanked our 3 children, but also used other forms to fit the crime. Willful rebellion got a spanking, period. With our grandchildren, using the naughty spot works wonderfully, for US. When they are with their mother, they tend to push the envelope, so to speak, so she has to take more drastic measures. But, we have had them two days a week since they were born, and now that Grant is in kindergarten (goes all day), we pick Faith from daycare, then swing around and pick Grant up at 3, and have them until Mom gets home after 5. So we have them a good majority of their waking time. They have learned that Grammy and Papa mean what they say, and we have little problems.

Whatever method you use, consistency is almost more important than the method. If they get away with something one time, because you are tired, or don't want to get up and take care of the problem, you are going to have problems. If they KNOW without a doubt, that if they misbehave, correction is coming, they think twice about committing the offense.

Pray and ask the Lord what method to use for each child, as each child responds differently. He will show you the way. God bless, all!

Angela - posted on 11/18/2011




Firstly I don't know what a "paddle" actually is.

I don't believe in spanking children but I have to admit I have spanked my own kids - they're now all grown-up. I didn't know any better having been brought up by parents who were poor role models in that respect.

Unfortunately, spanking (like every other type of punishment) will work with some children and not others. Like the "naughty corner" only works for some children etc ...

Deprivation of a privilege works a lot better but even then, there are kids who are not affected by this.

Any punishment which the child hates is something that will just up the stakes in "offending". You don't like being spanked? You'll just ensure you don't get caught or found out next time!

Most punishments (spanking and other methods) only have the potential to be effective with children who are too young to work out a strategy to avoid future conflict with parents. Avoiding the behaviour or actions that bring about that conflict is only ONE way of avoiding the punishment. Any shewd, street-wise, discerning kid knows that. There are any number of "well-behaved" children who are just biding their time until they've come up with a master plan to have their own way or do their own thing without detection, reprisals etc ....

I don't have the answers - only the insights to how many kids think.

And I still want to know what a "paddle" is.


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Kimberly - posted on 11/23/2011




I spank my daughter with my hand, and we have a paddle that we bring out when she gets really unruly but we've never actually had to use it on her. I tried time outs, but they just didn't work for her. A good firm swat on the backside stops her every time. I have never left a mark on her, and don't appreciate people saying that she is abused just because I spank her. She is healthy and well adjusted. As long as you aren't leaving marks on your children, and they aren't terrified of you, then you aren't doing anything wrong.

Angela - posted on 11/19/2011




Need to add that my parents WEREN'T poor role models in any other respect, just the spanking issue. It wasn't so much my mother, but rather my Dad. He spanked us for ANYTHING!! Excessively and wounded/bruised us. If our Mam spanked us (which wasn't often), well .... we KNEW we probably deserved it!

In these modern times it's frowned upon (and probably rightly so). Parents can be prosecuted by their local authorities and/or Child Protection agencies for even a mild physical punishment in the UK. Other parts of Europe it's outlawed completely.

Christina - posted on 11/18/2011




A paddle is a wodden stick essentially used to on a child's bottom instead of a hand... in my opinion its a little excessive on young kids but for older children as a last resort I guess I can understand situations where it may be necessary

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