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My son is 14 months old and has been using a pacifier to fall asleep with since about 6 months old. He doesn't use it all night, but only uses it to fall asleep. We haven't had any issues with it until the last few weeks when he has decided to play the pacifier game (i.e. throws it out of the crib and won't fall asleep until someone retrieves it for him). We have a solid bedtime/naptime routine that includes diaper/change and/or bath, short book, rocking to his nighttime music for a few minutes, then placing in the crib awake. He sleeps with a glowworm and a small blanket (and usually a pacifier or two).

I know I need to cold turkey it, but do I let him cry it out or do I eventually go in and try to sooth him after so many minutes of crying. Do I sooth him by picking him and rocking him or do I try to rub his belly/back and talking gently to him. For those that have done this already, how many nights/days did it take your child to get used to the idea of no pacifier. Was bedtime different than naptime? Harder or easier?

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.


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I've never had to do the pacifier thing, but I have a two year old who falls asleep without a peep for her nap and bedtime and has done this since she was probably 6 months old. From the start we focused on teaching her how to fall asleep without any help (that included the pacifier) since you are breaking a habit not preventing one from starting it will probably take a bit more time. I would have him help you collect all of them and then throw them away together. That way he sees that they are gone and no longer an option. Then when he goes to sleep do the routine the same as you normally do then say goodnight. If he asks about the pacifier remind him that they are gone. Then let him fuss if he's going to. If he gets too wound up go in there and help him calm down, try not to get him out of bed, but if he needs to be held do it, but be brief. You don't want to replace the pacifier with you holding him. He will eventually fall asleep and each night his fussing should get shorter. Most importantly be consistant and don't give in. I can't imagine it would take more then a week. Good Luck!!

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