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Chris - posted on 09/27/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My almost 3 year old will not give up the control issues with potty training. I realize it's the one thing she can control. I've tried allowing her to make some choices (with guidance of course) about other things in her day to see if that would help the control issue. We've tried everything: from M&M's, ice cream, special outings, re-useable training pants, pull-ups. She is ready in every way but won't give up the control. I've had people tell me to punish her when she has an accident, and I just can't do that. I want to keep this whole experience positive. I know there has to be a positive way to teach her. Ladies, how do I use this control issue for a positive result and eventually reaching the goal of being potty trained? Any help would be great.


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Angela - posted on 09/28/2009




I've had lots of advice but the best so far... just let her decide when she's done! I kept my 3 younger ones in diapers (pullups were to expensive for me) and every time I changed them, I would tell them they should try to be big and use the potty. But I NEVER made a big deal out of it. No bribes, just let them be and talked to them about it. I only put them on when they asked to. It seemed to take *FOREVER* as I hated changing their diapers when they were almost three!!! And I always doubted it would work, but all three made the switch very suddenly (in their OWN time) to underwear and rarely have accidents! I know all kids are different, but I truly believe parents can put too much pressure on their kids to potty train. I go with NO pressure, NO bribes, NO charts or stickers... etc... and when they DO choose to go, LOTS of praise and hugs and "Lets go tell big sister/Daddy/Grandma!" It worked better than all the other "cheerios in the toilet" I tried with my first! =) Don't worry, this phase WILL end!

Sarah - posted on 09/28/2009




If you know that she is there are ready I would put her in panties. Depending on how you think she would do start out by having her sit every hour to try to go. (if you think this would be too much on the control side then skip this step.) The next step would be only having her sit on the potty right before nap time and bed time. The rest of the day let her decide (I would leave the potty out where we were playing for the first couple of weeks.) She will wet herself, but hopefully will not like this. For the first little bit I change them right away, but as time goes on (about 3 wks into it) then I start to not change them right away. This way allows them to have the control in the process. Allowing them to realize that going potty on the potty chair feels better.

Lynnell - posted on 09/28/2009




I wouldn't punish her it may make it worse. My daughter when training her wouldn't use a toilet don't know why but she was scared of them at first. So we used a potty and took it everywhere. Eventually she used the toilet and then it had to be spotlessly clean. With my son he was a little harder and it was hit and miss. Eventually I basically stayed home for a week and only put undies on him. When he had an accident we just changed him and kept going eventually he got the idea as he didn't like to be wet. When she is ready she will get there.

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