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Is it wrong to take your family to counseling? Having strong Christian values and raising your children with the word of God as a guide.


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Fawn - posted on 09/03/2015




That is my question also, when some of the standards of counseling are outside of our beliefs of right and wrong.

Ashley - posted on 03/31/2009




No it's not wrong at all. I believe that sometimes there is a need for counseling. Just pray that God would show you what he would have you to do.

Kristi - posted on 03/30/2009




I agree with all who have posted so far.  Christian counseling can be a wonderful blessing from God.  I suggest talking to your pastor about it.  Sometimes there are issues that need more professional counseling than your pastor can offer, but he can still recommend a Christian counselor who bases their counseling on the Bible but is still educated in psychology.  But if the issues are simple, you will be amazed at the changes after one session (but keep going back until your pastor/counselor recommends you to stop).  Also keep in mind that your family may benefit from both individual and family counseling.

Marsha - posted on 03/29/2009




My hubby and I went to counseling actually for marriage. I was recomended a great person who was a chiristian, she helped us out so much it was great!!!!

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Not at all!!! It is important to choose a Christian counselor who uses the Bible as their guide. I went through counseling that was through my church. I don't agree with secular counseling; because I know someone who went to a psychologist ... and some of the things they did .... It wasn't helpful. The counseling my church offers is basically about going back to the Bible. Having someone come along side you and help you find focus in areas that you are struggling. I learned a lot about myself, and my relationship with God through it. The right counseling can be very beneficial; the wrong counseling can also be very hurtful. So just be careful!

Jennifer - posted on 01/16/2009




No it's not wrong.  Because of sin, No Christian family has it all together and there are times that a counselor is needed.

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