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Monya - posted on 07/19/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




I'd love to know what other Christian mom's think of their girls watching this show. My daughter is not quite 8 and started watching Hannah Montana about a week ago when introduced to it by 8-10 yr. old neighborhood girls. What concerns me is her quick devotion to the show and ability to sit and watch it for long stretches. She is normally a very active girl. When her father told her no more last night, she pitched a terror of a fit. I was literally stunned. I've also seen the attitude of her already-turned-8 yr. old friend effected. They used to watch Veggie Tales and giggle. Now they wanna shake their booties to Miley Cyrus songs and dress like her. Help! I'm trying to grasp this through spiritual eyes.


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Sara - posted on 07/28/2010




As I am reading this my daughter is watching dirty jobs on Discover...lol. I think if you do not like the show let your daughter know that and tell her why you don't want her to watch it. I know when I was young 14 - 16, I was mad that my parents would not let me watch Simpsons. Everyone else watched it, but I only did when I was over at friends houses. But now 15 years later I see why and I am glad that they did not let me watch it. I think Hannah is just the begining of her learning things that you don't want her to learn.

I pray everyday that God guides me in teaching my children to live the way he wants them to live. It will be difficult but with him all things are possible.

Elizabeth - posted on 07/28/2010




I personally don't see anything wrong with this show. My daughter dances and sings to it too. She too throws a fit and when this happens i send her to bed. She is allowed 2 hours of tv a day while I am cleaning or be4 bed what ever. When her time is up the tv is turned off and remotes are put up so she can't get them! I think there are worse shows, this show for her is creativity, dancing and singing

Cara - posted on 07/24/2010




When my daughters (now 12 and 14) wanted to watch various shows, Disney or otherwise, we would watch an episode together and discuss whether it was something worth our time, what the attitudes are, what the values are, etc. Even when they were 6, 7, 8, they knew when wrong attitudes were encouraged on the shows.
Many times my older daughter would frown and say, ' friend x watches this show, so I had hoped to watch it too... but star z is really not a nice person, sasses her mom and they let her get away with lying on the show. I don't think I really should watch it'
Anyway, if you are actively teaching her right values, then each new show is just another teachable moment.

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Oh, yeah! I forget all about hormones! Those start affecting girls 2-3 years before the start of menses.
It might be best to pull her aside and ask if she realizes how rude she is being and to remind her that it is not acceptable. Then, if you haven't already, you need to discuss the changes to her body that she needs to expect.

I bought "The Care & Keeping of You: the Body Book for Girls" from the American Girl Library. It simply provides all of the info she wil need, but you must go through it together.

Jill - posted on 07/24/2010




my daughter is also 8 and i have noticed changes in her behavior that i am not liking.... her attitude has changed she has mood swings ... not nice to her brother and throws fits.... i am gonna say it has alot to do with hormones also along with the peer pressure... my sweet little girl doesn't exist anymore... she is growing up fast.... i try to use Jesus as an example of good behavior to emulate.... He never got angry, wouldn't approve of bad behavior, honor your mother and father...etc... i know it is gonna be a long road to keep my young lady on track... it does become mentally exhausting...

my daughter doesn't watch Hannah Montana... she still loves cartoons we just have the attitude issues and she does want to wear more revealing clothing... which is not gonna happen...

parenting is so much harder than i ever imagined but the rewards outweigh the bad stuff... God bless you and your family

[deleted account]

I think you may be too late to tackle the problem easily. We started talking about the clothes issue when SJ was teeny -- like 2-3 yo.
She like the music on HM and can sit to watch and episode but is not a fan. SJ is 9yo. We discuss the clothing, what parts are acceptable or how to make them acceptable. I wouldn't mind SJ having more say in what she wears and if she chose a more feminine style.
We also discuss the jewelry and make-up - both no-nos at her age - and the ever-constant, almost-obsessive dating in the story lines.

My advice to you is to sit with your child and watch the show and discuss it.

Nicole - posted on 07/21/2010




I am from southern California and "Hanna" Miley goes to church with my boss. I have heard it said since i was a kid that when you play a song ( whoever is hip in the worlds eyes at the time) backwards it says crazy things ( weather it be about drugs, satan, whatever) but the fact of the matter is that She (miley) is a born again believer. We need to be praying for her that she reaches people for the LORD she has great opportunity to do so in her line of work, and for her strength not to get pulled away. I would have her do research on miley that would be fun and get some time away from t.v. In my opinion too much tv is bad for anyone!! just my humble 2 cents. Blessings!!

Patricia - posted on 07/19/2010




I TOTALLY understand why you are concerned (yes, believe it or not my SON who is 13 actually watches that show....) I have to monitor his television watching or he will watch TONS of TV and not do other stuff. I don't like the show because it is VERY Unrealistic (how many of us or our children have Rock Star friends and WHO is running THAT household-HINT: NOT the Parent(S)! I am gonna pray that she will take an interest in other activities and I will also pray that her already 8 year old friend does not have too much of an influence on your daughter. I will also pray that your daughter will accept that her father does NOT want her watching (a VERY WISE choice :) and that you will not have to fight her too much in sticking with your decision not to let her watch that show.
God Bless :)

Sarah - posted on 07/19/2010




Ok, so i was shocked to find out that there are subliminal messages in hannah montana's music. When they reversed her songs she actually says "i love satan" pretty crazy...something you should check into

Carla - posted on 07/19/2010




When my kids were growing up, unfortunately, I wasn't as strong a Christian as I should have been, but we also didn't have the Hannah Montanas and Wizards of Waverly Place to watch. Also the fashions were a little tamer than when I was wearing mini skirts and what they wear now. I have always been a head banger, and probably will be for life. So, we listened to the radio and sang along. There weren't Christian radio stations that played good alternative music for young people and those young at heart.

Having given you the background, I will say this: We are here to shape our little ones into Godly adults. The change when they start watching girls singing into a microphone, swaying and getting attention is mind-boggling. My step-granddaughter
(11) listens to Lady GaGa, which I find shocking! We don't have to dress them in dowdy clothes and take away all their fun, but isn't there alternatives? Jesus Culture is a wonderful Christian band, with an awesome message, someone positive that they can emulate. I'm sure if you look on YouTube, you can find some videos that would replace the not-quite-acceptable.

Being a Christian mom is going to take a little more creativity to keep our children on the path. But remember, we are going to be held accountable to God as to the choices we either allowed or gave into for our children. Luckily, 2 out of 3 of my children are strong Christians. God is good!

God bless, honey!

Sarah - posted on 07/19/2010




This is always a hard question. My kids are 12 and 8 (almost 9). There are always things that other kids are allowed to do/watch that I have to make the decision as to if this is what I want for my kids and trying to raise them with Christian values. Each mom is going to make a different decision as to what things they will allow and not allow and I think what ever that mom decides is the right thing for her family. So know that whatever you decide will be right for your family.

Ok now my personal experience and thoughts. My 8 almost 9 yr old is a girl and we too deal with the Hannah Montana stuff. We do restrict how often the tv is on and the length of time she is watching it. If she throws a fit then there are consequences to the fit (no matter what show she is watching). Often time the consequence is less tv or no tv and if she wants to keep watching for the amount of time she was watching the fit must not happen next time. I think as they get older this is just going to be. With my 12 yr old it is not so much tv shows anymore it is video games. Same rules apply with that. I think it also teaches them that yes you can have fun and watch/do these things but then there is a time you need to turn them off and do other things. The dancing and dressing I think that is just the start. I think as they get older the songs and dress get to be more of a thing. My daughter is a very independent person, so instead of telling her she can't wear or do something I try to talk to her about why that might not be a good idea and allow her to come to that conclusion instead of just telling her she can't wear that. I can remember a time she was getting ready for school and picked out something that did not match (it looked kind of silly). So I told her that she may want to go look in my mirror (a full length mirror) and I said I thought it looked kind of silly and not very good. She came back and asked a few questions about how it looked and then made the decision to change. If I would have just said she could not wear that it would have been a fight and only if I was there forcing the clothes off would she have changed. Now if she did not change would I allow her to still wear what she had on? Yes. Sometimes having friends tell you something looks silly works better then mom saying something. Now if the outfit was not appropriate (showing skin where skin should not be shown, etc.) then I get final say no matter what. I think Hannah Montana is something you are not going to be able to get away from. I think almost every 8 yr old girl knows/watches her. I think sometimes not allowing it does more harm then allowing it. If she is the only one not knowing Hannah Montana stuff then she is left out of conversations and things her other friends are doing. What I do then is talk to them about what they are seeing/wathcing and how that goes with our values. So use it as a teaching moment. Now that being said there are still somethings I do not allow no matter how many kids watch it. My 12 yr old has many friends that watch the Simpsons and Family Guy. These are two shows that I view are adult shows and not for kids and these are two that just are not allowed no matter how many kids watch it. Sorry this is SO long, this is a ongoing battle that I think sometimes becomes harder as they get older.

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