how do you get a child to stop braking toys


Elizabeth - posted on 04/25/2010




I took my daughter toys away for a few days. Each time and would have her throw them away when she broke the. It took about 2 wks and she didn't think it was fun anymore


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Julie - posted on 05/09/2010




i have 2 boys 7 and 5.i give the ma allowence.THEY buy thier toys.(garage sales,big lots and 99 cent stores.i give them christmas,birthday,santo reyes(saint kings"mexican tradition") and dia de ninos(childrens day"another tradition') other than that they manage money and the value of what THEY buy.when they were little i stuck to garage sales and dollar stores.and limited toys.some i would put up after a few months i woud exchange the toys that were out gor the toys that were out was like having a new toy.hope this helps.and they put money in a piggy bank for (college).lol

Cara - posted on 05/06/2010




When I was a child, if I broke a toy it was thrown away immediately and I didn't get another one, or anything similar. I did the same with my girls. Like Carla said also, if my girls fought over something, I took it away. (now at 11 & 13 this works with clothing, lol)

Carla - posted on 04/21/2010




How old is the child? We chose age-appropriate toys, stuffed animals, Nerf balls, etc., when they were younger. We staved off the impulse to get them wooden blocks, as they went through the throwing-thing. When they threw something, or tried banging it on the floor, we took the object, told them banging or throwing would break the toy and whatever it hit, and if it broke, they would not get another toy to replace it. If they were fighting over it, the toy went into time out (very effective!).

This generation of children have so much compared to the previous ones! We have a tendency to say 'oh, that's okay, I'll get you another one later'. This does not teach them to respect objects. In order to raise Godly men and woman that respect, not only their things, but other's, it is vital we start early and teach respect.

Good luck, Aimee, God bless

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