Infant son & trouble with sleeping in his bed

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My 8 week old son will not sleep anywhere for an extended period of time but on my chest. I've tried his bassinet, swing, and chair. He will sometimes sleep in his swing for 20 minutes but not any longer. I'm barely able to sleep at all because I'm not a fan of cosleeping. It makes me nervous. I've been sleeping sitting up on the couch. I desperately want him to sleep in his bed! Any advice?


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Each child is different. My oldest loved to be swaddled and was a very good sleeper, my second child hated to be have any blankets near him and to this day a terrible sleeper. My second would not sleep unless touching another person for the first 6 months of his life. Then one day it was like a switch turned off and he would not sleep if anybody was touching him. Be patient and remember "This too shall pass." My younger two kids have been in the middle of the older two in the sleeping department.

When my second child needed to be touching somebody to sleep, he was so easy to take out and about. When his switch turned and he wouldn't sleep if anybody was touching him, it became much harder to attend events. We had to do all we could to make sure we were at home during nap time. He was difficult to keep quiet in places like church where you'd like them to stay quiet because snuggling him didn't work at that point. There are good sides to both, but its hard to see the good when you are in the middle of the situation.

Hopefully you find a way to get some rest soon! Someday you'll look back and miss these days. (But today you are more than ready to be done!)

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I had the same problem with my daughter, who is now 7 mos. old. I ended up co-sleeping with her but honestly I think I could have avoided that if I had just been consistent from day one instead of doing whatever it took for her to sleep. Two weeks ago I started putting her in her crib every night to sleep and just by being consistent with my approach, by the second night she was sleeping there without getting hysterical. It might be a little harder at first with your son since he is so much younger, but I now know that consistency is key. Dim the lights in the house and in his room and make sure the TV is turned down, etc. so he learns it is nighttime and time for sleeping. Put him to bed after feeding and changing him - make sure all his immediate needs are met. Try swaddling him if he likes that, then just tell him good night and that you love him and step away. He will most likely throw a fit - check on him every 5 min. while he is crying so that he learns you are not deserting him but that he needs to stay in his crib. That's what I did with Lydia two weeks ago and within 2 nights she was fine and now naps & sleeps in her crib, no problems at all. Since your baby is still a newborn, you may not be able to do this successfully just yet. He will need to eat during the night for a couple more months yet and he might just be a poor sleeper - my daughter definitely is since it took her this long to finally sleep through the night! However, even if you could get him to sleep in his crib for a few hours at the beginning of the night and then sleep on your chest the last few hours of the night, that would be an improvement. He will learn to sleep through the night in his own time. For now, you are doing the best you can for him and this will pass! Good luck!

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Little ones learn very quickly if they cry, you will comply. Before you put him down, make sure he is fed, dry, warm, then lay him down. I put channel 975 on Sirius (any Christian station will do) on low volume for my grandbabies. The music is soothing, and they are asleep in a few minutes. Be consistent, tho. He will quickly learn bedtime is cribtime.


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I did this with my first (she is now 10 yrs.), and when my pediatrician and I talked he was horrified. He explained to me that he had a patient pass away from SIDS because sleeping on the fathers chest during a nap. The parents were only 17 and 18 (mother and father, respectively); and really didn't know any better. The mom was up all night with baby NOT sleeping, so when dad came home from work he took over so mom could sleep. Much to his dismay he was also very tired, and laid on the couch with baby on chest and both fell asleep. Unfortunately, he woke to find the baby was deceased. When the pediatrician shared this with me my mind was changed about convenience. At first, it was harder on me than her. Listening to her cry having to get used to not being on me was painful. But as I did all things necessary before putting her in bed, let her cry, it eventually become shorter and shorter crying spells. She got used to sleeping in her bed, and become a FANTASTIC sleeper...sleeping through the night and through any noise. Like the others said CONSISTENCY is key!!! What you practice is what your child will expect. It will only be harder when they are older and bigger. GOOD LUCK!

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hi i would reccomend the book on becoming babywise by garry and ann marie ezzo you should be able to find it in most Christian book stores. It has been a god send to us with our 2 little girls

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