Is it wrong to block people you know from church off your facebook?

Kari - posted on 04/20/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I added these people because they were my husband's friend's wives. These people have not been friendly when I see them. They act cold towards me. They've been rude to the point where even my husband has noticed it. Regardless, my husband still insists I could try harder to be their friend because he's friends with their husbands. They hardly ever comment on my Facebook, or they compete with everything I post on Facebook by putting a post as if in response to mine and it just builds animosity. One of my best friends told me to stop trying to force a friendship that the other person obviously doesn't want. I couldn't take it anymore so I blocked them so they wouldn't know my business anymore. I still see them at church but I think, "You're either going to be my friend in real life or you're not. This Facebook stuff is not going to work for us." They have actually acted friendlier since I have blocked them. I don't know why this is. It is refreshing to have them acting friendlier towards me. I feel happier having blocked them and only having people that truly like me and support me on my Facebook. I also wonder if it's a sin to block other christians you know at church off your Facebook. I haven't given them an explanation and they haven't asked why I've blocked them. I don't want to unblock them because I'm happier this way but I wonder if I look unchristian.


Linda - posted on 04/25/2012




It's perfectly fine to block people. I generally do not friend people on fb unless I'm actually friends with them in real life. I have "hidden" posts from some friends when they posted too many tiresome posts....but they don't know that. You can also now make lists and only post items that a certain sub-group of your friends see...though honestly that is too much trouble for me! Anyway, continue to love them in person with Christ's love even if they don't return it. Just because they go to church does not mean they are Christians so be salt and light.

Jeorge - posted on 04/21/2012




Facebook is a blessing you can see what is going on in someone's life and click a button and like it. The truth is many of those people aren't people you want to call and catch up with. If they don't want to be your friends than fine your world won't come to an end you have true friends. as for your husband I agree you should try to get along with the wives but that doesn't mean going out of your way to be besties. When you are a functions be friendly make conversation but it is clear they will never be your dear friends,
In no way is blocking someone who miss treats you a sin.

Carla - posted on 04/21/2012




I find facebook a mixed blessing. I have my Christian friends, but I also have various relatives and friends of my husband from his career as a corrections officer. I have actually had to hide a comment or two of my relatives because they offend ME, and I know them! I unfriended my nephew and his wife because of his frequent 'f' bombs--he was a little upset with me, but he got over it. His wife has since re-friended me so I can get the updates of their baby, but I have noticed her comments are not so 'graphic' anymore.

Not knowing the spiritual place of these acquaintances of yours, I cannot say for sure, but I know friends of mine that aren't Christians don't comment on my wall much. I pretty much tell it like it is, God is part of my day, part of my life, part of who I am--the Better Part, I might add, and if they don't like it, unfriend me. A lot of people who go to church aren't Christian--and if they are not uplifting, encouraging and helping you, they COULD be in this category.

If your phone rings, and you see it's someone that only wants to bring you down, to complain and gossip, do you pretend you're not home and let the answering machine get it? It's the same thing with unfriending them on facebook. God does not expect us to take abuse for absolutely no reason. If Hubby wants to be friends with the men, fine--it's unkind to force you to place yourself out there for hurt. When you meet them in church, greet them nicely, then go on. They will either want to get closer or not--their loss.

So, making a short answer long--no, it is not unChristian ;)

God bless, honey. Being a Christian is sometimes lonely, but He will bring true friends, whether in person or by computer for you.


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