Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Mother-baby unit visiting restrictions??

Christen - posted on 10/07/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am 33 weeks pregnant and the hospital I am going to deliver at has set visiting rules for flu season.

For labor deliver and recovery as well as the mother baby unit no one is allowed to come and visit mom and baby during the entire duration of there hospital stay except for the moms spouse or 1 support person and baby's healthy grandparents. Absolutely no children are allowed into any of the units.

Is the hospital near you instating any rules like these for flu season?
What is your opinion on these rules?


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Debora - posted on 10/20/2009




we have seen these rules here for not just that part of hospital but the whole hospital which means icu,peds,medical surgical,er since flu does spread so fast so anyone just out of surgery can recover better .i say its good since would you want a heart patient getting h1n1 .its not just for the benefit of new borns but all staff,visitors,patients.

Beverley - posted on 10/18/2009




Hi Christen, believe me as a new grandparent again I understand your concerns. But it is for the best of mother and baby. My daughter just gave birth to a baby boy, 9 weeks early. He is healthy and during well although early. At the beginning, visits were able to made by parents and 4 people chosing by the parents during the duration of baby's stay as long as those visiting were not ill. Others cld visit mom in her room. After becoming aware that some of the people visiting the babies were ill with colds, allergies, etc., they had to restrict visits to parents only to protect the babies. I rather be patience and wait for baby to come home, rather than put them in danger of becoming ill because of in considerate people. They just have you and baby in their best thankful. May you be bless as you bring this precious life into the world.

Sarah - posted on 10/07/2009




I think most hospitals have this rule during flu season. There are 4 big hospitals by us and they all have that same rule. It sucks and I don't think I would like it for my kids, but I do understand it. Kids are the #1 carrier for germs and the flu can be SO dangerous for those newborn babies, especially those that are born with health issue or prematurity. It is a rule that in some ways I dislike greatly, but in otherways like greatly. I would be VERY upset if my newborn baby got sick due to someone elses carelessness.

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