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Hi if been married for just over 1yr and am 5months pregnant,my husbands brother and some family did not attend the wedding caus they did not want my husband to marry me caus they could not understand what i saw in him. Well time went by and now out of the blue the brother sold his house and him and his fam(7ppl) is now moving in with one considered how i might feel, my husband is not saying anything, his mother said that is her family and i am nothing of hers. I went to the clinic and they warned me that i am on high risk for miscarraige i don't know how to handle this as i don't have other family my parents have died long ago and i feel all alone. I'm the only one working in the house and my hubby started a job yesterday.....i just feel that i need to get out there but where do i go to, what do i do....please pray for me and my kids....Thank you


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Rufaro - posted on 02/04/2011




This battle is not yours bu tit is of the Lord. Please meditate on Psalms 91 everyday. Means it and say it forcefully. Also read Psalm 23.
May the Lord protect you and feel your heart with love in this situation you are facing. My prayers are with you.

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Thanks ladies, Im actually at a point where i think that God wants me to work on my sense of humor....u know the saying "when it rains it pours" lets just say i think things is guna get worse before it gets better,lol so please just stand in the gap with me and i know and am assured that God has already done the work. Thanks again ladies

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will be praying for you... keep your Focus on God and know this is the time to get closer to Him as you never have been... It is amazing how things look when your relationship with God is so tight.

MELANIE - posted on 01/30/2011




Thank you so much Carla,Samantha and Rachel for your prayers and words of encouragement....i feel better. Carla, it's only my hubbies house when his mom is no longer with us....we had a family meeting it felt good getting things of my chest but no solution really came from the meeting....i have however decided to move for the time being for the sake of my unborn child and just to get out from under the curse that is on this husband also stood his ground and supported me (finaly) and that also felt good. I will keep u guys up to date with how things turn out. Thanks again for your prayers.

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God is there with you. I pray that He shows you what steps you need to take. Open your heart to Him and know that He WILL lead you. I pray strength for you.

Samantha - posted on 01/30/2011




You are in my prayers, but for your own sake you must speak up. Keeping it in is not healthy.

Carla - posted on 01/28/2011




Wow, sweetie, who's house is this? Does mom live with you, or you with her? Is this temporary or permanent?

Father, You know the circumstances regarding all this turmoil in Melanie's household. You know her condition and You also know what is in the brother's mind to sell his house. I pray You, first, protect Melanie's health, both physical and mental. I pray You speak to her husband. HE is the head of the household, HIS household, NOT his brother's! I know that different countries have different traditions, but we can clearly hear that this move is doing harm to Melanie. Work in this situation, Lord, and work it so that Melanie doesn't have to do the confronting. Raise her husband up to be the Man of the House. We thank You in advance for miracles here! In Jesus' Name, amen.

God bless, darling, family is indeed difficult. Am praying for you!

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