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Lori - posted on 09/24/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I just found out that my furkid (dog)Abby has terminal lymph node cancer and she is fading fast. This bilnd sided me and I'm broken hearted and very depressed. My just turned 9 year old daughter asked me if I believe in miracles. I of course said "yes." She then responded, "me too. Let's pray for a miracle that God heals Abby. If we really believe God will do it and Abby will be ok."

This practically killed me! I believe God can perform any miracle He choses, but I do not think he will completely heal this beautiful, gentle spirit who is almost 11 years old.

I love my Abby and would love a miracle in this situation. I just don't see it happening.

We have also been praying for a second child for 8 years with no success. I'm not sure how to tell my daughter that sometimes God answers, "no" even when we believe.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of situation?

Thanks...God bless...


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Sharilyn - posted on 10/03/2009




Are you familiar with the story of Amy Carmichael? (It's a little ironic that I ended up marrying a Carmichael). Anyway, I remember she was the focal story for a VBS one summer when I was 8 or 9. In one of the stories about her she prayed earnestly for blue eyes and really believed God would grant her request. She was devastated in the morning when they were still brown. I don't remember exactly, but I think her Mom told her, "Sometimes God says Yes, sometimes No, and sometimes he says Wait." Years later she learned why God gave her brown eyes. At one point she disguised herself as an Indian to rescue orphans from a terrible situation in India. If she'd had blue eyes it would not have been possible.
9 years old is a great age to learn that God is omnipotent, but also omniscient. He always knows what is best even when it is hard for us to understand.

Lori - posted on 10/01/2009




Thank you.

Abby, my sweet beautiful girl passed last night. I do have peace (and have had a vision/thought) of her smiling and being able to run free and happy in heaven with my greyhound that passed several years ago. They were great companions and friends.

We are having a burial service tonight at my parent's camp. It was her favorite place to go and run free, jump and swim. I was very blessed to have had her in my life for 10 years and she will forever live in my heart.

Christa - posted on 09/30/2009




Lori, this sounds like a golden opportunity to share with your daughter that whild God can perform miracles....when we pray, we should ask for God's Will to be done and for him to give us the strengh to accept and handle whatever HIS WILL is. That gives you peace of mind that whatever ends up happening it was God's Will and HE will see you through it. Doesn't always mean we get what we want, but he sure does take care of our needs.

Lori - posted on 09/28/2009




Thank you all. I appreciate the prayers and support. It has been a VERY difficult week and still is.

Abby has not eaten in a week. She is still drinking and she is still hanging in there. It is killing me watching my baby slip away a little more every day. The end is near...I hope she just goes to sleep and wakes up at the rainbow bridge. If she starts to be in pain, I'm afraid I'll need to help her there. Please pray that it does not come to that. I'm not sure how I could handle that. I've always been very much pro-life.

This is incredibly stressful.

We also have a little boy that we have been caring for since February. His mother gets out of prison in Oct and wants him back. It is a long and difficult situation, but to sum up...that would not be a good thing for him. We go to court on Oct 14th to hopefully retain custody of him.

When it rains, it sometimes pours and this is an incredible time for us all.

Lynnell - posted on 09/26/2009





I have a friend who had been trying for a another child and they just had their second girl nearly nine years apart. For me and my children I try to focus on the hope God has given us when things are just not what we want them to be. Our cat Jacob died last year and my son took it very hard and still does sometimes but then we got a new cat Lucy. I also took it very hard as I hand raised him (jacob) and he was only two and a half. I know it's no conscilation but if we still had Jacob we wouldn't of been able to get Lucy. So for me I see it as a gift now though at the time I didn't. We had the gift of Jacob and now we have the gift of Lucy. I also read a book to my children on death and the name slips my mind at the moment but it helped them understand.

I will be praying for you and your family

Kristina - posted on 09/24/2009




My heart hurts for you and your family. My beautiful 8 year old Golden Retriever, Haven was diagnosed with Lymphoma last October. I am a Registered Vet Tech, so I had no illusions. I too prayed for a miracle but prepared my self for the NO. My 2 1/2 year old really did not know what was going on, so that was the easy part. He knows Haven is in Heaven with Jesus! With the help of my wonderful DVM's, we were able to get her into remission until late December. Christmas was bitter sweet as we prepared ourselves to help Haven home to Heaven. It was painful for me to watch her everyday and wonder if this was the day that God would let me know it was time to let go. It was a Monday morning and I was preparing for a shower. Something made me really look at her. She was having a hard time breathing. I got down on my knees and took her face in my hands. I asked her if she was ready. She looked in to my eyes and wagged her tail. I took a shower...praying for a clear answer the whole time. When I stepped out of the shower, a song was on the radio that gave me my answer...There will be a day by Jeremy Camp. There will be a day with no more tears nor more pain. That was all I needed to hear to let her go. I got down on my knees once again and held her in my arms and wept. I called my husband and my vets to set up a time. My wonderful friends came to my house to help set her free. My sister in law had my son in the other room so he would not be afraid when mommy wept. With my sweet Haven in my arms, she went sweetly home. My vet friend had a bit of a hard time finding a vein, but I knew the instant they did because Haven reached up to my face and licked me. It was so sweet and painful at the same time. I know she will be there with my sweet Jesus to welcome me home someday. I miss her daily, but she was in pain. I have been told NO by God before. My sweet son is adopted. God wanted us to have him, not biological children. That was tough to swallow, but I knew He had/has a plan. We are currently on a waiting list for another Golden thru the rescue in our area. I know God has him picked out...we just have to wait! That is the hard part!! I hope I have helped heal your heart a bit. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. I am praying for you, your family, and Abby!



Rabecca - posted on 09/24/2009




I think you are so right God does answer us with a no at times I also have a 9 year old and I think that I would just be honest say that that God does still perform miracles today absolutly and that the best way to handle the situation is to pray for a miracle but add in your prayer " we know you have plan lord for our abby we are asking you for you to bless us with a miracle but if you have other plans we want to thank you for blessing us with the years you have let her be apart of our family ." just helps to clarify he is in control .

And then just remind your daughter that death is part of life and even if it seems so unfair and we fail to understand the reason behind it because his ways are not our ways but sometimes things like death can lead us to another maybe better chapter of our lives that we cant know when we are grieving because that just seem impossible that something good can come out of grief but maybe learning and dealing with death will help build armor to help her later in life or be intrested in vet medicine you just dont know .

two things I tell my self alot because it's still hard to understand and deal with things as a grown woman it that all things work for good for those who love him and that his plans are not to harm us but to prosper us and what ever he situation I may find myself there is a leason and he is taken me to whatever place he wants me to be to bless my life looking back I can see those paths so clearly but at the time I felt forsaken and alone but ariving at the place I know God wanted for me I knew he was always there guiding my life and bueaty for ashes is always what I can see .

I also love my dog like he is my baby so I pray that God will ease your pain and comfort you in your grief because even if we can rationalize or even try to understand it that pain is still there because it is hard

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