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what are your opinions on spankings based on what the Bible says and out of LOVE not anger.

I spank my kids, the Bible clearly says to. I do not abuse them and I only ever spank out of love for them and never anger. spanking is our last resort and is only used when time outs do not work or they are doing something we completely don't tolerate.

When I spank them I send them up to there room, I find bible verses about whatever they did wrong (lying, disobedience) and discipline then I go up to there room.

I share with them the Bible verses, I talk to them about why what they did was wrong then I spank them. I give them whatever there age is in spanks, they the have corner time followed by giving apologies to whoever needs it.

I use it at last resort, express the reasoning, calm down and it 100% works.I never have to spank them twice in two days. It doesn't long term hurt them like some peoples. I have great kids! they behave and are very kid and sweet. We usually just have a talk and then corner time but sometimes they need a spanking.


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Mary Thompson I am very proud of you.
That sounds wonderful. You must know the Bible very well.
Do you have a verse for a brother and sister fighting with each other? sometimes just bad verbal fight, sometimes physical.

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