Stepmom feeling more like a sibling to child

McKenzi - posted on 06/15/2019 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have been married for two years, but have known my husband for nearly 20. As I have known him so long, I have known his son (never before married) for as long as he has.

My main problem right now, is that his son never wants to spend time with us. (We have 50/50 split with his biological mother.). Every time it’s our week to have him, all he wants to do is go to his grandparents house, to the point that I feel like my husband and I are just his brother and sister-in-law instead of the role models we need to be.

My stepson will “cry” whenever we make him spend time with us, to the point that I am starting to wonder why I am even trying. I have uprooted my life to move to a different state for this boy, whom I love like my own, and as such, left my support system behind. I have found a church here that I enjoy, but haven’t yet been able to find someone along the same walk that I am in, always hearing “things will get better” or “you know what you got into”.

My husband tries, but he can’t seem to get through his parents and sister that they need to make him go with us instead of giving in every time.

Any way I can make things better?

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