We don't usually celebrate Halloween...made a mistake tonight. :(

Elisha - posted on 10/31/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




I'm new to this group and I really have to get this off my chest. So let me preface this by first saying I love dressing up and getting candy. Always have. I trick-or-treated till I was 17...I'm 40 now. When we had our daughter 11yrs ago we continued. But when she was about 5 I started feeling like we shouldn't be celebrating. It was this terrible guilty feeling. We continued celebrating another couple years, each year getting that same awful feeling after. I read up on the history of Halloween and prayed about it and the last Halloween we celebrated was when our daughter was 7. We do other things on that day like go see a play or a movie or go to Chuck E. Cheese. We don't even acknowledge Halloween...it's just a regular day for us. BUT...tonight was different. No good family-friendly movies were playing and we couldn't think of something non-Haloweeny to do. So we decided to go to our daughter's friend's church for their fall festival. I didn't like what our church had planned. The friend assured us that not everyone dresses up and there's a Biblical lesson. So we went. Everyone was dressed up...witches and gorey costumes too, no Biblical message, the kids went room to room playing games for candy, and loud music playing secular music most of the time. My daughter had fun but I have that same sick feeling I had years ago. I feel terrible. We shouldn't have gone. All of our Christian friends do Halloween and I'm not judging. I just get this terrible feeling every time we do. Next year will be different. It has to be. Anyone else feel like this??? It's a terrible guilty feeling. I wish I had a do-over for today.


Sandy - posted on 11/13/2012




We celebrate Halloween by sharing the Gospel. I've handed out various tracts to trick or treaters, my pumpkins always have smiling faces or even some other kind of design, and my drawing on my picture window always has something to do with shining our light for Jesus. What the church did that you visited was wrong. The gory stuff and secular music was not the way to go. They really dropped the ball and lost a great opportunity to minister to their community and share the gospel.

Wendy - posted on 11/06/2012




If you look into the history of Halloween you will find that it is not a Christian holiday. As Christians we need to be careful about what we let into our lives. Satan will get a foothold in wherever he can. Things like music, books, movies, and television are some of the ways he can get an "in". Halloween, to me, is knowingly opening a door to the devil into your life.


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Angela - posted on 11/13/2012




Halloween is a contraction of All Hallows Eve. It's the day before All Hallows - otherwise known as All Saints Day (November 1st). I have NO idea how it became a pagan festival, when it was originally based on a religious one! Most major Christian denominations mark All Saints Day, it's an important date in the Christian calendar.

Other "Eves" like Christmas Eve, for example, encapsulate the spirit of the following day! I have no idea what went wrong with All Hallows Eve.

Remember that many of our Christian holiday dates have their roots in pagan times .... We know, as Christians, that Jesus wasn't born on 25th December but pagans celebrated the winter solstice at that time so it was a popular time of year for merrymaking.

Easter (the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ) DID occur at the time the Church celebrate it. However, it's only known as "Easter" in English-speaking countries. In most other languages, with slight variations, they all have a very similar word for Easter (which is derived from the Hebrew "Pesach" or Passover:

Latin - Pascha or Festa Paschalia

Greek - Paskha

Bulgarian - Paskha

Danish - Paaske

Dutch - Pasen

Finnish - Pääsiäinen

French - Pâques

Indonesian - Paskah

Italian - Pasqua

Lower Rhine German - Paisken

Norwegian - Påske

Portuguese - Páscoa

Romanian - Pasti

Russian - Paskha

Spanish - Pascua

Swedish - Påsk

Welsh - Pasg

The word "Easter" comes from the name of an early pagan goddess, who had a festival at the same time of year. She was called Eostre, or Eastre or Oestre.

So the names and/or dates of certain Christian holidays are linked with pagan traditions or holidays.

I honestly wouldn't get too bogged down in guilt concerning Halloween - if you want to be pedantic, you could feel the same way about Christmas or Easter.

Stephanie - posted on 11/10/2012




Isn't Easter's origin based on the resurrection of Jesus? And Christmas on the birth of Jesus? How are these pagan holidays?

Julie - posted on 11/10/2012




How is that guilty trip working for you? I say stop sabotaging yourself over an event that may "historically have a meaning you do not condone" but in this modern day and age, it's about community, fun, self expression, and making memories. Focus on the fact that your daughter had a good time. No harm, no foul. Unless you are stirring up potions and casting spells, no need to lose any more sleep over it. Then next year, you go back to what you believe in your heart is best. And remember, you are forgiven...

Elisha - posted on 11/08/2012




Thank you everyone for your responses! Wendy, thank you for the confirmation. My family will definitely not have a repeat of this year. We will go out for a fun dinner and a movie or something else non-Halloweeny.

Rosie - posted on 11/08/2012




easter and christmas weren't originally christian holidays either, they're pagan, changed by christianity to be what they wanted it to be. just as today halloween is changed from it's early origins to be a day of fun and candy getting. it's dressing up and getting candy, nothing else. why give yourself so much heartache and grief over getting candy? you did nothing wrong, now enjoy the fact that your daughter had fun, and relax!

Stephanie - posted on 11/05/2012




What about Halloween is so bad? This is a serious question. I am a Catholic with a young baby and I don't really know why we go trick-or-treating or why to celebrate Halloween, enlighten me please?

Wendy - posted on 11/03/2012




I hate Halloween! I grew up celebrating it as well, but after my first child I began having an uneasy feeling about it. I also prayed about it and felt that it was something that we should not be taking part in. My husband feels that it is okay and wants to take the kids out. Well we all know that that job falls to mom. This was the first year I took my kids trick-or-treating. My kids are 6, 4, and 1. So I had and Angry Bird, a princess puppy, and no costume for my youngest. We were only out for an hour and made sure to stop by the retirement home. I have mixed feelings about it, but keeping things as safe as possible for them helps me feel better about it. Perhaps you could have a masquerade party for your kids and some of their friends next year. I think the kids just like to get dressed up and run around with their friends anyways.

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