What do I do when my 12 year old child doesnt behave well?

Ewa - posted on 01/04/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




throws fits when doesn't get her way, poor behavior issues in school, fights with older sister all the time, poor coping skills with normal everyday issues.


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Michelle - posted on 04/06/2009




My husband and I just joined a class at our church that teaches children how to be responsible and learn real life lessons. We are reading the book 'Parenting with Love & Logic' by Foster Cline & Jim Fay. It has alot of great ideas on how to teach children to be responsible for their own actions. It also teaches respect and gives pointers on many different issues you may face. You might want to check it out! Hope it helps!

Shelli - posted on 01/05/2009




My son had some of these same issues.  We did the christian counseling thing but it didn't help much.  I had to tell him that I would not talk to him while he was throwing a fit and sent him to his room until he could talk to me like a person instead of a baby.  He and his older brother fought too.  I just had them in separate rooms, do activities that didn't cause competition between them.  We decreased the amount of extra-curricular activities, lessons, etc., because he didn't seem to be able to cope with the stress it caused and would have what I called a "melt down" if one thing went wrong.  One on one attention and genuine praise of his positive attributes and achievements kept us in a working relationship that is strong today.  (He is now 15 and most of those behaviors are gone now.)

Jenni - posted on 01/05/2009




First and foremost is to pray. Sometimes when it comes to my kids ... I go into action mode instead of remembering that God is walking through it with us. He has all the answers. I would probably look into some Christian Biblical counseling to help determine if something specific is bothering her. Has this been a behavior pattern for her for her whole life or a recent issue?

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