Chromosome Deletion

Chromosome deletions networking group for parents of children with chromosome deletions. My son has a very rare deletions. For three years we have been doing the run around, so i know as a parent of a special needs child how frustrating it is. I as well as you hope to post info and questions in hopes to find helpfully info from other parents. To deal with issues we are having and cant find resolutions for these issues.Or just help full information. I am sure that there are many parents that are also new to all of this. I hope that tey can find guildance along the way. Thanks for checking us out looking fw to meeting you.


16p12.2 Deletion

My son and I both have the 16p12.2 deletion and am wondering if there is anybody else out there where their child and themselves also has this deletion. I am looking to be able...


So complicated!!

My son is 4 and has a microdeletion of 2 and a duplication of 7 and also a deletion of 7. The doctors say they haven't seen the same in any other child so don't have many ideas...



any other mamas with a child who has a 20p13 deletion ? I dont know much about it now.. waiting to see the genetecist.

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2p deletion child

Dear Moms, My almost two year old son William was diagnosed 3 months ago with a 2p16.3 NRXN1 missing exons 1-4 and partially 5 on one of the gene if you he chromosome. I would...


7p 22 deletion

my daughter is 9 with 7p22deletion. any others. Please reply or find us on or


2p16.3 deletion

my son has a 2p16.3 deletion. Im looking for parents who are going though the same

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Chromosome Deletion?

I am new to this whole thing my son is 7 weeks old and 3 weeks ago he was diagnosed with 4p- chromosome deletion and I was wondering what your childrens deletions are? does any...


2p11.2p13 deletion

Hi, I'm 8 months pregnant and I found out a few months ago that my daughter has this rare deletion. From what I was told , she would be the 8th case in the world. I'm very...