Hello fellow grandmothers! How are you and your grandchildren doing? I thought it would be interesting and kind of fun to see what all of your grandchildren call you and to hear if their was a cute story connected to it. Of course it will be a cute story because Isnt EVERYTHING involving our grandchildren cute??!! Looking forward to reading what you have to say!



Looking over the ever growing number of grandmothers in this Group, Circle of Grandmothers I realize there are as many different kinds of grandmothers as there are members! Not...


Complicated Visition, Complicated Situation

My daughter and her eventual husband had a beautiful boy. The dad went to prison when my grandson was three. The parents divorced while he was in prison. My daughter gave my...


Grandma's who babysit

I am interested in starting a group of grandmothers who babysit their grandchildren in the Northeast Ohio area - social for grandma's and playgroup for the kids.


working this out

hi im new to this circle of mums and grandmothers can anyone tell me how i can get to answer some of the questions that come through to my email address. Any help would be...


Lots of love to go around

Hi grandmas and great-grandmas. Are you having as much as I am watching my children enjoy their grandchildren and being the great-grandma who gets the hugs and kisses, but no...


Greetings Grandmothers!!

Want to welcome you to our little circle and hope it grows ever wider. I am the thrilled grandmother or 3! 2 grandsons and finally a little grand daughter. I raised 3 boy so she...

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Money Saving Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Did someone say "money saving idea"? Yes! There are many nice gifts you can make that cost little but limited time and money! Hope you share an idea or two and I will as well....

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