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A doctors Greed

Michele - posted on 02/16/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My Son Was born July 8th 2010. And At the last Minuit we found out That Medicaid in Idaho ( where we lived at the time) Only Considered Circumcision, to be Cosmetic ! I asked my Son's Doctor If we could put a down payment down then make payments their after because I had Been on bed rest for 9 months ( yes 9 Months) and we where depending upon my husbands only hard earned income to make ends meet. which was not much now days. She refused to take any kind of payments and her charge of all up front was 900 dollars. We just did not have that kind of money. This upset me very much. Then because of my Health due to the preclampsia I had developed My Son was born 6 and half weeks early, and i had ended up with heart damage and lung damage. its a huge mess of a story, But Now we live in Alaska, And just as we Got up here My son was just over the weight Limit to be circumcised. Now we have to wait for him to be a year old in order for him to tolerate the surgery/meds.
Since we moved up here, My Son has endured a UTI, Urinary tract infection, And a Urologist did tests and looked at my son and found while he was sick and had Diarrhea because My son was Uncircumcised it caused him to get the UTI. THIS IS WHY i cannot believe that some states believe it is a cosmetic thing. I have looked deeply into The ups and downs of not being Circumcised and it can cause many many many hardships for a baby/man to not have this simple practical Procedure done. Also I wanted this done for my own religious beliefs.
I was just beside myself upset because I could not figure out how my son had gotten the UTI I am one of those mommies who is just very meticulous about changing diapers and keeping my son clean and my home clean and everything clean for a good healthy environment for my family. The Specialist said its just all around a better healthy choice to make for a baby boy to have him Circumcised. But what frustrates and irritates me to no end, is how a doctor can be so heartless and careless to a baby, based on greedy money. Now he has to wait. I am making his appointment for all this so he can have this done when he is a year. but what a way to celebrate his year b-day. and I hope and pray he does not remember. Of course i wont schedule it on his birthday, But needless to say This Mommy is very irritated with how greedy some people can be and How there greed can effect someone else. mind you a child. I am hoping he does not and will not have recurring UTI's until He is Circumcised.


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Vegemite - posted on 02/26/2011




This really sucks! I have worked in different medical fields for a long time and unfortunately it's the same story everywhere. Doctors, dentists and vets are all in the same boat. Unfortunately most of the time it's not the greed of the dr but the greed and dishonestly of the majority of patients who have been allowed to have a payment plan and then just refuse to pay. It sucks that if dr's gave out payment plans they'd go broke, now the honest people who need help are refused because others have ruined the trust dr's once had with their patients.

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