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Recircumcised cause of Surgen!!!!

Tasha - posted on 05/17/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son was circumsized after the okay of taking him home after being in the NICU for 2 months because he was born at 31 weeks. They nurses told us to not pull the foreskin back to clean it when he changed his diaper... to just put on the vassilne and the gauze and then put the diaper on... so that is what my husband and i did... then come to find out at his 4 month well check.. his dr told us that we needed to go see a urologist because his skin was growing back.. We went to see the urologist.. and come to find out the 1st dr that did it the 1st time didnt even take enough skin in the first place! So now my son is 6 months old and in a month he will be having to have a circumcision again and having to be put to sleep and having stiches and everythign this time.. needless to say i am very very upset that my son has to be put through this pain AGAIN because of a mistake of a surgen who we were told was the BEST and does this kind of surgery every single day!! We are not sure if there is any type of legal action that we can take with this or if it would even be a waste of our time... any suggestions??


Vegemite - posted on 08/05/2010




I don't know why the nurses told you not to pull it back. Proper care of a circumcision when it is healed is to pull the skin back completely twice a day so there is no readhesion to the head of the penis. Then make sure it dry under the skin after cleaning. Even when you do this as best you can you should still look out for some readhesion, if this occurs it should only be minor and your circumcision doctor should be the one to separate the skin not you. As they grow and become toddlers and little boys this will happen less as they loose puppy fat from around the base of the penis so the skin isn't being push toward the head, the penis widens and they start to have small erections. I hope this helps people


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Merry - posted on 07/12/2010




I know this is a few months past but, Eric had his circ done at 3 days and the doc told us that she leaves extra skin on purpose because since circ isnt completely necessary, it is nice to have the look of it without the risk of it being too tight. so there was extra skin. we did everything like we were told to but when he was 14months he was seen by a urgent care doc for what turned out to be hand foot and mouth. anyways this male doc took a look at his penis and immediately realized that it was reatatched. The skin was about midway onto the head and it had been like that ever since i remember looking closely.
but he didnt recommend surgery. he just told us to pull it off. And by pull it off I mean rip it. There was a few spots where it wasnt attatched so it looked like tiny holes. so we started there and pulled it back. it was only atatched in a very thin line of skin, not the whole way down so when I pulled enough it popped back. needless to say eric cried like never before. it was the worst ever. i had to pin his arms and legs down while i ripped on his penis. it was really red and it took about a week to get it all pulled back. now about 2 weeks after that it is almost normal color. he still flinches when i change his diaper. i know he will forget but he might have some ingrained memory of pain happening with his penis.
I was never that into circumcision, it was my husband who wanted it done. I found some evidence that it could be benificial to circ, so we did. I am happy he had a pain controled circ and i never had any complaints until now. But we are reconsidering circ for our next son. I think we will pass on it. I have come to realize that either way you choose, there can be problems. either way there can be regrets. either way you can be happy. so we will try leaving it natural next time and see how it goes.

Tasha - posted on 05/18/2010




Im sorry to hear that madison.. I hope things work out for you and your son.. I know I hate having to put my son through all that pain again!

Madison - posted on 05/18/2010




sorry for what happened. i too am worried about my son. the doctor that did his was also supposed to be some great doctor but he took off different amount of skin on the top from on the bottom. im not sure which is the correct amount but i am not happy and the next time i get pregnant i will be switching doctors

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