cleft palate babies

open to mothers who have babies born with cleft palate, pierre robin syndrome and similar


Before cleft palate surgery sippy cup help

My daughter has a cleft palate and her surgery is coming up in just under 2 months any tips on sippy cups that work the best. Taking a bottle away to go to a free flow just...


How is baby after a cleft palate surgery?

Any moms that have had a baby with just a cleft palate surgery only? If so, what should I know and how is baby right after surgery? For the most part is it only 1 surgery or...

Started by Jennifer on 09/28/2012 in Cleft Palate Babies

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Hi newbie here

hi to all members I'm a mum to 4 kids, my latest being born 7 months ago now with a unilateral cleft lip and complete cleft palate. Both have been repaired. I hope to meet new...

Started by Charmaine on 01/31/2009 in Cleft Palate Babies

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Pumping Exclusively/ Palatal Obturators

Hey Everyone, I am new to this "community" and am so happy to have found mamas with little ones that i can relate with. My little one Owen was born (June 23rd 2010) with a wide...



I was just wondering what your babies are eating now...Emma just turned 7 months and just started eating cereal and food a couple of weeks ago. The doctor said I can start...


second surgery at age 5 for cleft lip

hi im claire,my son is 5 and was born with a cleft lip,he had his first surgery at 3 months,only recently when we went to see his specialist dentist,she said that normally they...


i need help

my daughter is hailie she is 8 months she has had her lip repair. but in april she is getting the palet surgery. they want her eating baby food and all she dose is push it out...


Prepare for surgery...

I would just like to have other mums point of views when their child had palate surgery. My son had his surgery almost a month ago and i found it horrific. I dont feel i was...